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  • Market Fix

    Randomguy93 - - General Discussion


    I find this discussion very amusing. I don't see anything in the game that prevents you from making any trade at any price (within game defined limits) with any player, except for someone you are at war with. You just don't know who you are trading with. But there is a very simple way to trade with another player of your choosing. And if you can't figure that out, I'm not going to tell you.

  • I keep wondering the same thing. It's just the nice guy side of me trying to take over. Does declaring formal war have less of an effect on your morale than just attacking another country?

  • Why does the line spacing in the diplomacy screen (on browser) shrink when I go from a normal view to a search? This creates problems because you click on an icon to change the status with another player and you end up selecting the wrong player. Often declaring war on a different player.

  • How do you attack Naval Recon Planes? I've tried with both Air Superiority Fighters and Strike Fighters and they don't engage the units at all.

  • Alliance Game

    Randomguy93 - - Alliance : Game Exchange


    My alliance, Peacekeepers 2, is looking for other alliances for matches.

  • My alliance is very interested in doing challenges. We are new to this and are looking for opponents that can help set this up.