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  • Snipers (possible base troop)

    Nrb1000 - - Suggestions


    A sniper unit is a decent idea. However, I would think of it more as a mix between towed artillery and special forces. The sniper would have the range and damage capabilities of a towed (however, the range probably doesn’t surpass 50) but also have the stealth capabilities of special forces. I think this unit could be deadly (stealth artillery would be a tough unit) so it would have to be season unit with build restrictions.

  • An infantry unit with a 20 range is what you are griping about? By that point in the game, if you can’t figure out how to counter an infantry unit with 20 range, maybe you need to figure out a new strategy. Rail gun is not over powered (I feel like we tend to ignore the extreme de-buffs that the unit has in forest and mountains, which dominate the map). Give me MRLs or mobile artillery, SAMs, and mobile AA (assuming the opponent has helicopters, which tend to be underused anyway). That combinati…