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  • thx.

  • no, it is enemy, we just need send back our forces. so... "So it will return to homeland airport.". Even if that aiport is over his maximal flight zone? (if it will happen for example in the Russia, the plane will return for ex. to Cuba, if there is not any friendly aiport there?)

  • I have question. I have right of the pass/way with country A. Country A's plane is starting from my city and patrolling in the country B. When the plane is in country B, in the air, I will cancel right of the way. Will that plane land back on my airport, no matter that I canceled borders, right of the way? Or what will happend, will the plane crased or what ? (if there is another aiport of country A, plane will change route to that aiport, I think, but my question what if there is none friendly …

  • it always was, or there was some change?

  • I conquer a city at the time maybe 13:00 (1 p.m.). I go away I left it and after maybe a hour it goes to rebelion - new rogue leader born there. Can be this possible before daychange??