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  • Maybe a moderator can answer this?

  • Quote from StopThereCowboy: “Quote from Sgniappo: “what's the composition? Just a thought (or more a question possibly): could you send a ballistic missile, trigger their timer, and then send another one without pointing directly at the unit (no point defense) but ensure it is hit by the splash damage? p.s. special forces ” I'm sure there is a way. Both TD's and SAMs have a recharge timer when they are spent. If you shoot a missile, wait a minute, and shoot another, that is a minute difference b…

  • Quote from Fereyd: “Point defence will Trigger even if the reload Timer ist still ticking. I suggest Attack Choppers to deal with it... ” But first check if he has Air Supremacy fighters, if he has you should only try using Attack Choppers when he is definitely offline, if you can try figuring out his sleep rhythm.

  • Quote from potato: “ just when white,and re-open it can't fix this problem,tried many times. Only the menu in the upper left corner and the city menu on the right can be displayed normally, the entire map is white. And I found other games (also CoN games) can be loaded normally,just specific games can't come out. ” Sounds like you just have to be patient and wait for the website to load the data from the server (the fact that the website itself is loaded doesn't mean that there is no da…

  • Quote from Teburu: “cuz that thread is locked and posts there need moderator approval ” But ewac has answered to one of the green posts and I can see his answer and it isn't green at all.

  • Quote from ewac123: “A TDS takes 6-7 days to get. ” not really, considering that you probably already have lvl4 army base because of MRL. And even if you don't (which is already weird), you gotta have SAM which requires having at least lvl3 army base.

  • Quote from crazystoner: “Anti sub helicopters are really weak even maxxed ” Uhm no, they deal 7,5 damage against subs on tier 1, 11 on tier 2 and 15 on tier 3. Quote from crazystoner: “Any good sub commander will just render these void by keeping out of range, targeting airfields and building more. ” you know that ASW helis are in deep water about 2 times faster and in shallow water about 4 times faster? And building more is never really an option. Of course all of this only works if you know wh…

  • You can use destroyers or Attack subs, corvettes and frigates are also useful against unprotected Ballistic Missile Subs. ASW Helis are also useful and not that easy to counter, but also have low range. Naval Patrol Aircrafts are vulnerable to frigates. And all of these things include that you have to find the sub, which can be hard due to their big missile range and so on.

  • If you can only choose one you would have to choose an infantry because you need to be able to capture ground. Since you cannot choose any artillery, you should probably choose lvl6+ mot inf and you can still protect yourself against air wit ASF(kinda). But this is not a good strat, which underlines that you need multiple unit types to be successful.

  • I don't want to dig up the topic of this post, but why is my name and some information about me green? link

  • Quote from potato: “A 'Threat' defense system should be able to defend against a 'Threat'. ” Isn't it called theatre defense system? Why did no one tell me this in this thread:…the-unit-names/#post49927 ?

  • Quote from Opulon: “and sanctions will be distributed. ” What does that mean?

  • Everything I didn't manage to put into my earlier post because of too many characters: Quote from crazystoner: “But hey these ballastic bombers are fun are they not ” They are planes and therefore weak to SAM (and to frigates if you use them on the sea). If you mean Elite bombers to launch missiles, scroll up to the part where I talked about missiles. Of course not, but the MRL+SAM+ASF+TDS(not immediately needed)+any cheap inf is just superior on land. Pls explain why you think I'm arguing about…

  • Now I'm done. Quote from crazystoner: “Railguns can be helicopter deployed, so don't know where your running. ” helicopter deploy into enemy territory is basically an invitation to get shot down by ASF. And what do you mean with "so don't know where your running"? Quote from crazystoner: “But hey you want to blindly run into a bunkered city housing my defensive units and airfield with nothing but an armored radar signal. Go for it im sure i'll know excatly whats coming days in advance. Dont forg…

  • Quote from Kranzegrad: “About China and Hong Kong versions? ” I couldn't upload it because I had to many letters, I think that empty rectangles(?) also take up at least one. If someone wants to add a language I removed, I remove another one and add it. Since I couldn't tell, what the letters meant, I choose them because I couldn't write down the languages name. And somehow I forgot to post this.

  • That's why you should always declare war on every person in an enemy coalition. At least before you go offline(sleeping).

  • Quote from potato: “Quote from Teburu: “Quote from potato: “But mortars are cheaper than all of them... And the heli thing,how hard could it be to produce 1 AA for the mortar stack? And every player are giveb 1 Air-superiority fighter at the begining... ” how hard could it be to produce 1 artillery that completely dabs on all that precious mortar inf?checkmate ” And then your artillery got ramed out by a 5 infantry stack...Before you die you caused maybe about 20 damage to them... ” Have you hea…

  • Quote from MicahWill: “Quote from Teburu: “Quote from Jemandanderes: “If you write all caps, it looks more like you are shouting than being sarcastic. Try "EvERy gaMe i hAVe evER..." instead. ” that probably was exactly why he was using caps lol ” also: rEadINg A ParAGraPh lIKe tHiS WOuLd GivE mE a HeAdAChe ” You'll get used to it. Or maybe I am just to used to people doing it.

  • If you write all caps, it looks more like you are shouting than being sarcastic. Try "EvERy gaMe i hAVe evER..." instead.

  • How long do these roleplay games usually take? Edit: I should have immediately asked on the discord server, pls just ignore this.