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  • Sometimes, I see news type as First Nations, how do I get it? I don't think this news was written by the player.Fr3XZ97.jpg

  • I have tried to declare war with it. Although I can war, but I cannot occuppy it. Can it invade me? :v

  • I see a country is in south of Sudan. How should I kill this country? A3nzYqb.jpg

  • Day 1-2, everyone like build economic before or build unit before? I like build unit before.

  • Quote from 737373elj: “Flashpoint: - Algeria - (North-African Nation. The largest nation located on the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria's coastline is hilly while the southern border includes the Sahara Desert.) - Austria - (Central European Nation. Once at the centre of the huge Austro-Hungarian Empire the modern-day Austria is situated in the heart of the alps. As it's old rival Germany is stirring in the north, there is much reason for worry. ADVICE: Best suited for experienced players.) - Baltic …

  • I am playing a services which I is United Kingdom. But I few play this server. Last night, I see "End Game" button which appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. When I hover it, I see "There are only 1 player online". Sadly I pressed it, it ended the game and I got 110VPS even though I didn't do anything e0hTy2p.jpg OIYTUe7.jpg

  • Quote from Zemunelo: “Never played Russia but would love to try. Unfortunately I like Flashpoint map and there is no Flashpoint with rank requirements or 4x Flashpoint map (with rank as well). Meaning Flashpoint map is useless at the moment. But I can assume, you have to invest in airports and use defensive strategy with regular infantry, scouts, towed arty etc as those are the troops that can fly on day 1 using airports. Than choose what hard unit type you want to use. Probably tank destroyer t…

  • Quote from 737373elj: “You basically need to get at least a few allies to protect your borders, then attack the weaker countries / team up against the stronger countries. Your economy is indeed not a problem, so you need to produce lots of units to cover your borders, since you are extremely over extended and your east is unprotected. Experienced players won't have too much difficulty if they get the necessary allies, but a lot of the time the noobs take it because they think it'll be better. Na…

  • In the servers that I join, most of Russia is lose. I think Russia is very broad and bordered by many other countries like Finland, Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Mongolia, China, Kazakstan and close to Japan and South Korea. Play as Russia is very difficlut.

  • Quote from 737373elj: “Erm no Call of War was designed by (albeit Dorado’s sister company) Bytro. As such, the features and maps can be quite different, and game play style is also quite different too. But at its core, it is a World War 2 game yep. ” I like Confliction because the beautiful interface. I only wait strange map to play Flaspoint, Overkill, Rising Tides, WW3, WWZ and Bool and Oil. That's server I played.

  • Oh, I play Call of War because I want to know what the English names of ancient countries like? Now, I know Indochina is Mainland Southeast Asia :v

  • I just find a game WW2 (called Call Of War). Is Call Of War (WW2) old game of Confliction? Because I see url and interface are very similar.

  • I see every time I join a server. The closest countries I see most often war are Australia and New Zealand, Norway with Sweden, Japan and South Korea. And you?

  • Quote from Rozne Eltobliv: “obviously A. I controls that country. But the A. I puts troops in all provinces and spams basic infantries, recon vehicles. Also A. I doesn't invade other countries . ” Usually, AI still attack if we attack them. Even auto join coalition =))))). I used to join a game which I have not participated yet,. At that, I am in Russia's coalition as Japan. And in a game Rises Tides, I joined a few days late and see AI build constructors =)))))) I see AI few invade countries.

  • When I create a coalition and has full member. However, a few member is inactive, even online but don't invade other countries. This slows down the alliance's progress, don't invade fast all continents. So, Will AI replace the players if they inactive to I kill they, because I don't like they join to safe for themselves (except WWZ server)?

  • How do I play WWZ?

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    I see map Z 4x and 1x. Because I see new map, so I join. But I don't know how do it play? Everyone say is prevent undead (zombie). But I only see they invade that territory. So, should we invade other country or prevent undead. Because I see city which undead invaded. They annexed and create Hive. =_=

  • I create a coalition has 5 member. However, I see a few member inactive. So, they be out coalition. How do I know it is admin game or AI is playing? xBvg5f2.jpg

  • I think this game should add some new functionality as: Split province, Merge province and change province's name. Even change the country name. It will very beautiful

  • I see frigate which can kill plane, ground unit, ship and submarine. But submarine only kill ship and submarine. If I combine frigate and submarine: 1. Does the enemy see submarine, because submarine will don't show if it don't combat? 2. How will HP be calculated in the eyes of the enemy. Frigate has HP is 28 HP, Submarine is 10 HP. If they combile will be 38 HP. For the enemy, They will see HP is 28 or 38?

  • I see Eastern Doctrine inclined killing infantry. I see it offer use Tank, Mobile Artillery and Helicopter Gunship. All they can kill infanty high. Only thing is Tank lv6, Mobile Artillery lv6 will transport by plane :v I think Eastern Doctrine prefer to defense rather than attack.