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  • March Tournament issue

    Woolf1975 - - Bug Reports & Issues


    I have one question about map gameID=2645317 . It says that VP needed for victory is 56% or 1125. My coalition conquer almost entire map ,4 towns are unconquered and with simple math ( watching the points in diplomacy tab) we can sum all points ( from all players, not just the 3 of us) to 959. Is that a bug or is it something else ( my misunderstanding of rules ).…288d72e82b96afe3503d3ef34 Thank you in advance

  • Question about March tournament

    Woolf1975 - - Tournaments


    Am I missing something or why gameID=2645317 map didn't start ?

  • Paratroopers and bombers

    Woolf1975 - - Suggestions


    Maybe it would be nice to have paratroopers that can really go deep behind enemy lines. Also bombers are flying high and there is no logic that ground units ( infantry) can have the same def point against them like they have to the fighters