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    Hi. Don't know if its because there has been some campaign or insane offer somewhere, but me and my friends have encountered a high amount of lvl 1 or 2 profiles using insane amounts of gold in one single game, we are talking 400-600K, so seriously game breaking amounts. Obviously this is good news for the Devs, means they are making good money and the do need to make a living somehow. Problem is that it works as a deterrent for anyone else with serious intentions of playing. Even people who inv…

  • Hi guys. Just a few suggestions, that I know is mentioned again and again, but still.. Thx for a great game. - A troop overview window.. To see where your troops are, waiting? Fighting? moving? Hard to keep track when you really start to grow. - Production city overview tab to manage prodution cities easier. - Alert box on naval and ground radar contacts (specific to counter non-hostiles on a possible surprise attack mission) and a log so you dont have to watch the screen all day) - Auto attack …