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  • Opinions on Armor?

    Darkmoonstryker - - General Discussion


    I personally love AFVs as they don't have tons of negative terrain modifiers like tanks do, they do good damage to infantry (especially basic infantry which everyone thinks is a spearhead unit), and can airlift before tanks. If tanks could get airlifted at midlevel then I would use them more. I like being able to "quickly" mobilize a unit to the frontlines half way around the world. Tank destroyers are really fun to use when your opponent has mostly armor but I really don't use them unless I am …

  • I have never seen the national guard spam work. How could it? Weakest ground unit in the game besides SAM launcher (no ground defense), slower than contemporary motorized infantry in enemy territory by just a little, no good whatsoever against armor or support unless SAM launcher....IDK, please explain for me because I cannot fathom it working. I personally love mechanized infantry, I max them out almost every game. I try to go for the Western Doctrine as I mix them with the same amount of AFVs …