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  • Split the Rogue State

    IshXIII - - Suggestions


    142 on day 25 play your economic game well and then this shouldnt be too hard.

  • im back So you got one, just need to make an alliance and gather some sheep for my flock p.s. this post is soooooo old!!

  • I am active. I am a adult big kid and not mature at all except with the ladies. Do I qualify?

  • coalitions exploit fix

    IshXIII - - Bug Reports & Issues


    Neuk has a point there and a valid argument. Something that affects many people, a work around or solution is needed for this, it will keep more players in game, more people having more fun. So basically for a player but also for the company it would be better to find a solution. P.s. Sarwesh, no offence but you cant ask people to stay awake such short of a time, never. Ever. It doesnt make logical sense. Nor for the playerbase, nor for the company. Therefore your points are not valid.

  • General Feedback

    IshXIII - - Suggestions


    ohw the achievement thing got broken somewhere when they tried to split that away from sup/cow. Thats ages ago who needs achievements anyways? Be a man of acts, not words

  • if the sams/td's are stacked with mobile AA helis wont work, sams will hit copters too, then when the copter gets close enough after taking a sam voley the Mobile aa will tear them to shreds and finish them off. best run around would be stealth tech. stealth bombers, stealth fighters, stealth strike fighters, stealth ground troops (special forces) Or the best of all, use the big guns. Nukes

  • Ok so after changing the country in the purchase menu in supremacy though swapping back if not purchasing, after making a purchase the store does stay on the correct country, so Issue resolved, my lock thread. Cheers!

  • Quote from Mc_Johnsen: “A mid to lategame research that allows tanks to fly around? Isnt it already kinda in game?^^ In late game all tanks can fly, for the eastern doctrine its day 23 when the research is available. (Tier 3 tanks can fly) ” Ohw Ive been away too long hahahaha

  • So back in the day, if im not mistaken, we could fly tanks around in transport planes which was op. Now it would be nice to have an option to make a transport plane unit (late to very late game tech and slow flight time) that can do that, or better to not make things op, make an individual posibility per unit type to research that. So tanks can just like inf fly around. An example, if you would want to relocate tanks with sams in a stack but you researched tranportation for tanks and not sams th…

  • Well that work around will do it for now, but Ive been looking around, where abouts do I set my country in the shop? Maybe im looking in the wrong place, idk supremacy shop, as in sup1914? xD ohw yeah lol. that did the trick cheers xD

  • Only thing i need is 10c more hahaha, me now used to 30-40c its bloody cold here in the Netherlands but very happy to be back in the E.U.

  • Thanks! btw Love how the game improved hope to see my account registering my dutch IP soon haha

  • Hi, so after a long time of non play im back, I Immigrated from NL to Brazil, now I Re-imigrated back to The Netherlands. So thing is I want to get a membership and maybe buy some gold too but whenever I get to the payment option it still displays withbrazilian bankingoptions and I cant find out how I can change the Region of my account so I can just use my Dutch bank. Can you please change that for me? Cheers!

  • So here I am, In full glory. Whos ready to try and pawn me? Dont cry when you get put on your place by an old vet

  • im already getting to defcon 5 lol

  • Game mechanics wise that wouldn't make any sense Aodhan.. having stealth at lvl6 when any unit carrying radar or sonar at that lvl already have stealth detection capabilities. fun fact: russian C.A. (cruisers) are/where refered to as C.V. (carrier) killers, they packed so many superlong range antiship missiles, it was jus ot funny, 1 of those nuclear cruisers could destroy 2 whole U.S. carrier groups. (if you do not take point defense systems and chaff dispersal systems into account)

  • Supplies

    IshXIII - - Suggestions


    ah yeah nevermind that.. i forgot i used about 15 nukes and 25 chem warheads on that map, all at the same time, I was confused with a different one haha

  • how do i delete my agents?

    IshXIII - - General Discussion


    its only 500 a day per spy, that can absolutley not hurt. when set to spy they are either 2k or 4k a pop per day.. so that does start to hurt if your small scale economy. 12k a day for those 3 spies total is allot of money early to mid game.

  • Mobile radars vs AWACs

    IshXIII - - Questions & Answers


    bullocks. you just got no idea how to use them. mobile radars are a defensive unit. not offensive nor passive offensive like an awacs is. Theyre meanth to sit put. or move along with a stack of units at around the same speed. Note that an awacs is super easy to shoot down, to get rid of a mobile ground radar is very ahrd if you place 1 with 2 or 3 tds and a sam or 2. great to move behind a major stack. use some arties with them.

  • Build bunkers everywhere

    IshXIII - - Suggestions


    theres is something like this on the table, it will soon be implemented. but it wont be just a bunker, it will be a forward operations base.