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  • Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and so on are all type of "different" players who are controlled by one real live player. The clone attack continues on the second day.

  • Quote from Opulon: “Hello, i checked the map, but it seems the guy already has been disabled from the game. ” I ask you to conduct an additional comprehensive investigation of the events described above. Attack of Turkish cloned accounts in the specified game number 4006354 - CONTINUED. Allegedly "not connected" with each other, multicounts send troops in batches to attack Japan (me). I have been in the game for many years - and I can distinguish a coordinated attack by a group of people - from …

  • Quote from Opulon: “Hello, i checked the map, but it seems the guy already has been disabled from the game. ” Thank you very much for your attention and help, sir!

  • Good day ! Game number 4006354. For the second time in last time I have come across an unusual fact of multi-counting. Someone starts a whole "army" of account bots - the second time I come across a situation when all bots occupy the countries of North and South America. Bots master is: user gendermaria (USA). His twinks, which he uses to attack strong players and clear the map: eshedu (Mexico), seytanusa (Colombia), yapraktepe (Venezuela), ortakoy (Caribbean). Skillfully "disguises", devouring …

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    Good day ! There is a question that haunts me. I never bothered, but now more and more often the situation arises, but I do not know the message. I did not find the answer on the forum (maybe I was looking badly). The essence of the question: how to make peace with a destroyed country? When 100% destroyed all the provinces and cities. By the end of the game, several completely destroyed countries are accumulating, but the status with them is war. Accordingly, this negatively affects the overall …

  • cant enter the game - loading line and nothing else...

  • Thnx I will remember now... but its very strange and and not believable ) its impossible in real life )

  • Hello, I found some interesting bug. Game # 2578135 My last lvl drone fly under enemy city - Im launch Nuclear Cruise Missile to the city where was a Artillery Battalion. And... nothing was happen. Missile and Artillery was clashed in battle like a typical ground troops. Look to the……af2c8985acf394a2a35ff6587

  • How do I leave the alliance?

  • Я в теме. Игровое имя, Денис Синоптик