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  • X10 map

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    I honestly don't know why people like the 10x mode. I can understand 4x games, but not 10x. It is simply too fast. I don't know about anyone else here, but I don't join games where I go to sleep knowing my country might be destroyed by the time I wake up. I prefer relaxed, mellow 1x games, with an occasional 4x here and there.

  • Quote from booombooom: “well, I mostly play WW3 (4x speed) and WW3 Apocalypse (4x speed) and in those game AI dose not take control of the inactive players. ” I rarely go inactive anyway, so if you see me inactive in a game, I probably archived it.

  • Quote from Im On Smoko: “Anyone ever play Axis & Allies? CON reminds me of this game. I included the Zombie version for DoD to get excited about. s-l640.jpg hcs_20101105_4744.jpgAAZ-FI.png ” CoN is not a WW2 game, this post probably belongs in the CoW 1942 forum. Otherwise, it does seem similar to CoN...

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “Quote from jemandanderes: “On this note, wouldn't it make more sense to just ignore all SC players for multi-accounting purposes since they already pay? Why do both need SC? ” Because one SC user could then occupy a full map for himself, if he wishs to create 60+ accounts? ” He would have to create a password-enabled game just for himself, otherwise other players can join. At this point, though, the game would not be ranked, and points he earns would not be added to his rank…

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Pafufu: “Quote from Aquela: “@Pafufu The same rule still applies, only one minor detail has been changed. The procedure is now easier and faster for the players meaning that you wouldn't have to contact us in order to get the accounts whitelisted. After both accounts become Security Council members, they will automatically be whitelisted and you will be free to play with your friends and family from the same IP address. Let me know if you have further ques…

  • News From My Latest Game

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from kurtvonstein: “farming Zombies is whats this is all about...Splatter movie! ” Sadly, no, unless everyone knows how to play and too many people don't drop out and have their country turn into zombieland ” Quote from Dealer of Death: “Unfortunately, the next three aren't funny, but were necessary to get people to understand it isn't the same old WW3 game with different insurgents. But I was still able to work in my complete ZOMBIE DENIAL. - - forum.conflictn…

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from E z 8 tiger212: “When your almost 3 months deep on a Western Theater and Rogue State ends up only being short 400 VP's from taking over the world. ” WAIT! Rogue Leader 732/2337 so, 2337-732=1605, 1605≠ ~400 Is this that new common core math, or am I missing something??? ” I think he meant 1400 or something...

  • Worst country to play ?

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    Quote from Zemunelo: “Excluding Portugal because it has 4 cities if I am not wrong??? ” No, Portugal does have 5 cities... look at its islands in the Atlantic

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “Today after 2 years of security council membership my subscription ran out and at the moment i dont plan to renew it. Here are the reasons (which have mainly to do that dvelopers dont care about SC members) 1. Building Queue issues are still not fixed ...there are enough suggestions how to make it better. 2. Waypoint issue for new created units not using Airlift possibilities is still not fixed. 3. No possibility to retire a game like a normal player on inactivity - lea…

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “Quote from MallahanJr: “Trade Embargo's are important to the market warriors. You build up and sell cheap components and electrics and get them hooked on the market. Then you raise the prices and use the money to hire agents to subvert the country, all while you are at war with another coalition. It's how the man keeps everyone down. ” Starting from day 10 there are no offers on the market anymore... As long as there is no vital mrket and embargo does not effect anybody…

  • Longest time you have ever played?

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from 737373elj: “…ccb4cfea65c3fe630e074c245 Day 65* Y'all are gonna judge me for being so slow (mainly due to me having barely any time to play due to school and can't-be-bothered-ness) ” Sheesh, I may be an a-hole but as Star Lord would say, I'm not 100% a d!ck. ” I've never seen Ireland do that good... Maybe they've been drafting leprechauns?

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “I play New York on Mobile and I order my troops to attack Quebec and sddenly i issue a declartion of war to cuba...and there are not Cuba troops anwhere near my units or in Quebec. So i thought..well that a funny glinch so I offer peace to the cuba guy and he accepts. Now I attack Maine and again I issue the move orders for my units and i declare war on cuba. Is this a "Anti Castro" Feature that I automatically declare war to Cuba? ” Seems like a bug. You should submit …


  • League of FreeDom (L*PD)

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “ SC (Security Council) ” Hmm... Imma pretend I didn't see that.

  • ***PLEASE READ***

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    Quote from SnakeKing23: “If there is a way to keep the game going even after someone gets max victory points and people could still play even though someone one the game server, that would give players who play together the change to have an All-out war with all the military technology and upgrades making wars last as long as players want ” I think the GermanicNo Bot needs to come out on this one. First of all, I myself would be bored to death playing till day 100 or whatever, and so would most …

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from playbabe: “alright just searching msg for ya it was around 04/08/2021 (mm/dd/yy) ” Thank you. So, it wasn't THAT long ago. I'm pretty sure I used it as a CM launcher in my last game. ” Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from playbabe: “aged ago lol u just know? no public news, it is secret changed ” Quote from Opulon: “yes, it lost the ability a while ago, while not gaining anything (as far as i know) at the side. T3 MRL remains "less cost efficient" than …

  • "User......." Gamer Ruined the Game

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    Quote from Tameem Hasan: “Greetings Admins, I would like to draw attention of you about an urgent matter. As we can see that Most the 4x game occupied by some random guys (70% of all players) named "user........." who are basically very low level dumb player who ruined the competition & interest of the game. when i enter the game, almost all of my surrounding countries are occupied by these "user....." players. i cant even get a proper coalition because of them. So, its an urgent matter where th…

  • Quote from WalterChang: “To be honest, I think the best way of keeping the interest of new players would be to give them a few more resources to start with, and maybe a bit of extra free gold to get them going. Maybe reduce build times and research times for more of the basic units. That way they could feel like they're making some progress. ” New players already get free gold and 1 month Security Council membership, what more were you talking about?

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “No real 'lefty' asks for equality of outcome, real leftist want to secure those equal opportunities which are not given in our world. It's right wing scare story, that leftist want equality of outcome. 'Free college' for example is 'equal opportunity' not 'equal outcome'. ” They basically want to be more like us, when...

  • Resources Generator v0.2

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    Quote from playbabe: “…ccb4cfea65c3fe630e074c245 Link here!…U00ziHAA/edit?usp=sharing alt in case someone using it:…JNzwYiB4/edit?usp=sharing Hello there again! new version is out and now hosted on google sheet for quick online access. (properly protected ofc) You can try toying with it and see if the number is match. This tool may not be very useful in practical use but maybe can help you decided does it…