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  • Hello! Thank you for your answer No, there are no victims of the population. I give an example of a city that for FOUR game days cannot rise to 35%: Distance to headquarters - -1, morale of neighboring units - -1, death of civilians - -4, in a war with 11 countries - -22

  • And yes, I know that I broke the rules of the forum, I used obscene language several times. It doesn't matter to me, let this post be removed. When you will get this victory with the same difficulty as me, and then you will understand that you will not be able to finally finish off the enemy because "WAR WITH 10 COUNTRIES", then you will understand my anger and my annoyance. Let this post be deleted. I hope the developers will hear me.

  • I am a winner. I won! I have defeated their armies! I managed to play so that my losses and losses of the enemшies were 1 to 10. Oh, I forgot, I can not occupy and increase the morale of cities! Piece of ****!

  • I have no words, only obscene expressions!It so happened that two alliances of 5 people ONE declared war on me. As a result, I am at war with 10 countries. By some heavenly miracle, I managed to destabilize all 10 of them and destroy their armies. But when I capture their cities, then my morale does not grow, but falls. From 25% fell to 23% and so on everywhere. The reason is the war with 10 countries. I do not have enough resources to build recruiting offices everywhere to improve morale, I can…

  • X10 map

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    I think during the summer holidays it is worth returning to the x10 mode