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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from KFGauss: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Should be more like this: . . . ” This would be a useful option to turn on/off ” Imagine if during the "day" sight range were +25% and at night -50% or some variation thereof. ” And you can research night vision/thermal for your army that helps mitigate night sight losses

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “Well you always ahve to consider what else....what else could you do with the resources and the researc time for lvl 3 airborne officer...i would rather have a lvl 3 helicopter pilot...costs roughtly the same...and is mcuh more versatiel then hoping to snatch a MRLin the mountains... ” Helis hunting down MRLS sounds good until you run into a half-intelligent player that covers them with tons of Mobile AA, ASF. It really just depends on the player's risk assessment and p…

  • Quote from Tom_Cruise: “Never used special forces but seems they have to be micro-managed to avoid running into enemy units. Given they can ID a unit within sight range, is it same range as what a CRV can do? What if that enemy unit is moving in your direction, you will get caught and into a battle unless you carefully manage their exfil? And they don't move any faster than a CRV except in mountaineous or jungle regions or unless you start levelling up. ” Against detection, ALWAYS stay in the mo…

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from WalterChang: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “he is as smart as building local industries in provinces with no resources. ” ” ” level 1 noobs will say this is a good thing

  • Quote from Pentabuksus2: “Thanks for all the replies. In my latest thought experiment (haven't tried it yet) I was thinking a combination of TD's with Marines to clear cities. Both have city bonuses. Of course backed up by support against air etc. How could that work out? ” Once you went through the hassle of producing TD and Marine units then it would be a fairly viable option in assaulting cities, just beware that your *Defense* against infantry will be pitiful.

  • Spies are good for moments like this though xD

  • New Afghanistan Flag

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    Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

  • The normal 64x maps get stale and boring over time, bring rising tides back too!!

  • If in the late game, you could just protect subs with carrier/naval ASF. Quote from kurtvonstein: “well i noticed that max up submarines are bastard in respect to the damage they. deal...then again naval bombers and its game over... ”

  • We'll have to wait for support I guess

  • makes sense

  • splendid, all my medals are there too

  • Quote from potaytow: “Quote from The Inquisitor: “…3a71ad318b52afc97fb5d9a6c Is this a current bug? I'm actually level 83 and have completely different stats than the one above and I'm researching officers that aren't "unlocked" yet but are. ” It is saved inside the game servers but not in the main website itself. Have a check if I am right. ” That's right, if it's happening to everyone it'll likely be resolved soon

  • Oi mate this is worse than someone interrupting my smoko!

  •…3a71ad318b52afc97fb5d9a6c Is this a current bug? I'm actually level 83 and have completely different stats than the one above and I'm researching officers that aren't "unlocked" yet but are.

  • Yes and lots of experienced players do that I've played with/against, they are arguably the best naval unit at deep-sea combat, especially in the later period of a match (never mind combining with sub cmmdr or elite AIP subs). (I appreciate you more because you are creating new ideas to improve the experience of the game but some love to criticize instead.) Subs with recon abilities might seem like a fair improvement but it is just unnecessary, you're only making a strong vessel even stronger. I…

  • But submarines are exceptional at open sea naval combat, especially against Cruisers. Another benefit is that you can't spam missiles at attack subs, as you could at destroyers. Another critique is why boost radar range when like you said you could just build AWACs? AWACs are faster and more useable on a larger scale. (*Why make slower-moving, only sea-bound vessels for large radar when you could just fly it?*) I think these changes would give an unnecessary buff to attack subs as they are alrea…

  • Game 3955107 Go get em mods, the coalition "Wehateblackpeople" with more racist bullshit in the description. Troll who made it (user8777584)

  • Corvette overhaul

    GrandInquisitor - - Suggestions


    The most important change is to give low radar signature. Corvettes could be used to give surprise attacks on larger vessels.