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  • Quote from Teburu: “>added language support for dutch what did martijn bribe you with? ” We each got a good chocolate chip cookie biggrin.png We are simple people

  • Guide for Content Creators

    Maxim | CM - - Events


    Dear Content Creators, we are happy to announce that we now have the means to provide special matches to allow you a better experience to promote the game on your social channels, while ensuring that the game is set up according to your needs.…2685f449faebb183b9291128f This guide is intended to outline the specific game aspects that you can request four your special matches, including an outline of specific maps and scenarios which you can request: - The type of ma…

  • Insurgents twice a day

    Maxim | CM - - Questions & Answers


    Insurgencies happens once per ingame day, for every kind of city, i.e. Homeland Cities, Occupied Cities and Annexed Cities. So theoretically, you could get revolts in occupied cities at a specific time (these happen at the same time), then have revolts occur in the same way in Annexed Cities.

  • Dear Alliance Leaders and Members. As we continue to try and give more opportunities for Alliances to compete against one another, we are now providing the possibility for alliances to take each other on in Unranked challenges, where your ELO ranking is not affected. This guide is intended to give you all a brief overview of how these work, the application process, and what is expected of you in such challenges. Please remember that unranked challenges are only opened at our discretion, to avoid…

  • Heongost, 1. Please note that you are not actually inactive in this case. This is happening because we are currently working on a more robust, secure system that requires us to leave all players showing as inactive for the time being. 2. Do not denounce players for using gold. Gold is a legitimate aspect of the game and may be used by all players. Denouncing players for this is a breach of our ToS:…ictnations/legal/tos.html 3. This suggestion goes against the reali…

  • game says I am inactive

    Maxim | CM - - Questions & Answers


    Hi, yes we've received quite a number of tickets about this. If you are showing as inactive, this is not correct. You are not considered inactive within the game, this is happening because we are currently working on a more robust, secure system which requires us to leave all players showing as inactive for the time-being. It won't negatively affect your VP and potential wins at the end of your games don't worry

  • Accidental wolfpack

    Maxim | CM - - General Discussion


    Quote from ewac123: “Greetings, I would like to apologize on behalf of MED alliance for the accidental wolfpack in game 3882858, a 100 player rising tides round. 3 of our members were in eastern Europe, 3 more in SE asia. As we had no intention of cooperating, we thought it was okay, but... Rules are rules and a representative from an... unnamed alliance told us, so our SE Asia playing members archived. Sorry everyone! If a support staff could clarify , please do. In the meantime, we would like …

  • Hi Stesco, Only just now seeing your message here so my apologies for not responding earlier. We are in fact looking into this and, as we mentioned in our latest Dev Log, we even got external help to try to solve this. We did release a Hotfix however it seems it hasn't solved the issue for everyone. Some have reported success, others not. Feel free to get in touch with me if you require any assistance

  • Hi there, please send us a ticket through the game with your alliance name and we can make the change for you

  • Some good points. Tracking morale is always an important factor in planning out your strategies. On mobile, this feature is actually available however. If you click on cities, you'll get a quick view with morale levels for all your cities.