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If you use spies against an AI country will they declare war on you?

13 501

Im On Smoko

Should Security Council Membership Include a Research Que?

8 +1 290


Left Click & Shift (PC version) for aircraft to join together / stack.

0 +2 122

Should Cruise Missiles be Their Own Technology Line & Not a Branch off of the Ballistic Missiles?

2 273


What is your K/D ratio?

23 845


Before there was CON, there was this to play.

9 +4 571


Does This Technique Work to Generate New Games Under The New Games Tab

4 599

Dealer of Death

Submarine Officer's Effect on Ballistic Missiles Launched from a Ballistic Missile Sub

1 202


Coalition Question: Making a player the leader, Is there a count down?

2 161

Im On Smoko

Deep Thoughts by Smoko: A strategy to have real time chat with allies / coalition members.

3 430

Im On Smoko

What happens when a player "gold shames"?

8 489


Deplorable Deployables (One issue, I see with UGV unit.)

10 560

Im On Smoko

What are better countries to start with in Rising Tides?

2 386

Im On Smoko

Zoom in on San Bernardino Province East of Los Angeles California on WWIII map.

4 322

Im On Smoko

National Guard Needs Nerfing.

18 +3 932


Deep Thoughts by Smoko, A Strategy to Get Dribbles or Chunks of Gold (I am not criticizing gold users)

2 255


Does CON News announce when a player starts a conventional warhead or conventional missiles?

2 506

Dealer of Death

Is this enough to report a player to mods in game?

7 537

Dealer of Death

Has anyone used deployable gear yet?

0 355

Petition for Putin's Palace to be Placed in the WWIII map

1 +1 207

Dealer of Death