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  • Quote from Capt_Rodgers: “I generally like idea of battleships as Elite units so I would be definitelly for it. Also these ships might ballance high ranking Elite naval officer paired with max out cruiser task force which is almost uncounterable for lover level as me. Anyway is there any official info about season 7? As we know from problems with season 6 we might be actually pretty far out from the release date or there might be anything else than naval units coming ” They will not counter NO w…

  • Fire control settings

    Kalrakh - - General Discussion


    Quote from OriginalSwift: “+1 for this feature. I think it would be very useful for me to have a "fire at will" setting as well as "aggressive". Both have their use cases indeed. I'm currently playing a game where I'm considering how to defend large swathes of waters whilst I'm offline. How realistic do we want this warfare to be? Because you can consider in the real world, if a few tanks rolled up towards your coast line past one of your littoral defense vessels, they arent just going to wave t…

  • Quote from Opulon: “Can't wait to see a stack of those 4 T3 + a naval officer. ” Limit of 3 units at T3

  • Still needs a fix I believe: Do you mean 'no' or 'low' radar signature In theory there would be also 'sonar' and 'high' radar signatur but I believe both are out of question in this case by default

  • Also Radar Signature means, that the unit is detectable by radar, so this part of the destription is misleading? Radar Signature 100 sounds, like it can be detected by everything (100% detectable)

  • In general in this game, if a unit has radar, it is not completely stealthed, with the exception of the Naval Officer. That is why subs are detectable by sonar and other stealth units tend to have no radar at all. The ships sounds a bit like what we germans call a "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau"

  • Quote from Zemunelo: “Quote from Opulon: “Well, in the theory of a equal army, it's obvious that it would be hard countered hopelessly by a regular build with SAM inside it. However, it would be a bit unfair to assume that Zemunelo would have spammed so much airforce if he knew he had a competent opponent somewhere on the map. ” Ofc I would adapt and not spam only airforce but it is still scary if you encounter such a build. That was my point, not to claim that I am a good player. Actually I don…

  • Quote from ewac123: “Quote from WalterChang: “Quote from ewac123: “Ok, back on topic, SFs are the public game meta. Add an air officer l4 or higher and its even more op... however if you have resources a few asf is good with it. Sf is more important than asf in public. ” It is precisely because SFs are so common in public games that I always build lots of ASFs.Having SFs of my own doesn't seem particularly important to me, because once I have destroyed the enemy airforce (ASFs make pretty short …


    Kalrakh - - Questions & Answers


    Why does he have to go to the rank list? There is a button to open his profil on the right?…c4224d37260d4b4e3ff8353f6

  • His point is though, that he deams his air force unbeatable, because nobody could counter him with mixed stacks of ASF, NASF and FWO, even though this kind of always the first thing I get for myself

  • If you for example build a lot of air fields and air ports or building like high level army bases, you will need a lot of fuel. There are normally 2 times, where fuel might be scarce: early days when you build the basis for your production facilities, dann mid to late game when you switch from pure army production to also evolving your economy Though most players tend to never switch to last part, only relying on expansion to cover the rising needs of their forces. Which might prove to be a not …

  • Quote from Opulon: “@Kalrakh : I took a look. 1°) He overstated just a little bit the numbers. Also, beside Strike Fighters and ASF, everything is low tech. No gold. But the build could be more honestly summarised as "75% Airforce, and because i could reach 80 cities in a flashpoint before day 15, i had a high Rare material output to do other things". 2°) It's a flashpoint. Do i have to tell more about how quickly he expanded ? 3°) The only player i can see on the map that expanded a bit before …

  • Best elite unit

    Kalrakh - - General Discussion


    The European Elite Tank is quite great, he has massive AA-Def stats compared to other armor units though

  • So far it did not look like, they get acknowledged in your profile

  • Market robbed me

    Kalrakh - - General Discussion


    Yes, for this kind of stuff the forum is the wrong space, that is what tickets are for.

  • I did not say SAM and Frigs How ever ASF can fuck up the typical noob player tank commando quite easily, though Quote from Zemunelo: “What can you do on day 20 in Flashpoint when your opponent has 7-8 full upgraded stacks of 4+1 planes (4 SF + 1 ASF) and 1 full ASF stack? What would a player need to defend? How manu SAM and ASF to defend? I am asking this because I just played one Flashpoint map and did this on day 20 with easy. I even had 5 helicopters and 4-5 towed, many TD, lot of recons and …

  • Gold - once again

    Kalrakh - - General Discussion


    Some people spend $ 1000 on a bottle of champagne or to draw get their waifu in a gacha mobile game 750k gold is there more like a drop on a hot stone in comparison The real fight you will only find in elite challenges between experienced alliance anyway, they are only once per month but gold free guaranteed Public was never a earnest play field and it got even worse since they went mobile and maps are getting flooded by userXYZs

  • Quote from WalterChang: “Quote from Zemunelo: “What can you do on day 20 in Flashpoint when your opponent has 7-8 full upgraded stacks of 4+1 planes (4 SF + 1 ASF) and 1 full ASF stack? What would a player need to defend? How manu SAM and ASF to defend? ” three or four stacks of ASFs? ” I one up you: Mixed stacks with NASF, SASF and Fixed Wing Officer In a fight with maxed out ASF, even SF get a very bloody nose, 6 damage against aircrafts is nothing if ASF attack with 18+ Of course also some SA…

  • Quote from KFGauss: “Z - I was asking about your description of US military strategy - It seemed odd. ” Just check what the USA is doing in the last decades. Most terrorists from 9/11 were Saudis, instead the USA went to invade their go to 'pushover' Iraq, just making the whole 'terrorism' issue even worse. The so called 'world police' turned into a bully with overbloated military a long while ago. The go to war without a proper goal and exit strategy, which makes them stuck in endless wars like…

  • Seasons rewards

    Kalrakh - - Questions & Answers


    Yes, both things need to be true, to fully unlock a seasonal unit: - Scored enough Season points - Have SC active while having scored enough points already