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  • I'm accessing the CoN website direct (rather than via Steam), and I'm using the Chrome browser on a WIndows X PC. I've been playing for years but recently I have become unable to create coalitions. I fill in the details on the creation form, but when I hit the OK button I always get the following failure error message rather than a new coalition: "Action could not be processed by server". The really odd thing is that if I become the owner of a coalition (due to the inactivity of the previous lea…

  • I think that 52 games is the maximum (my current total), including games which have recently ended. You don't have to be active in all of them, they will hang around for a while after you leave them. It would be nice if you could opt to remove them from your archive immediately.

  • I'm surprised not to find "healing" in the CoN help Wiki. I did find a great post on the timing of unit healing here: Unit healing. My specific healing question is this: where can the healing of land units take place? Obviously your own cities and field hospitals, but what about those of your coalition allies? How about those of the members of an alliance? Thanks in advance, my brothers in arms.

  • I can see the logic of hiding which players are currently inactive. However it is frustrating not knowing whether a player is ignoring your messages, or whether you are messaging an AI. Not being able to exploit inactive nations also reduces the fun. It would be interesting to know how other players react to this change in future polls.

  • I'm playing in 6 simultaneous games, despite which my relative player ranking and individual level appear to be stuck. If this continues I'm minded to drop out, as my progress is not being recorded. Am I alone in this? Is it a known bug? If it is, when will we have a solution? Thanks in advance LC Jackson

  • Thanks for that. Just for your information, the game now loads fine with Chrome again!

  • Games still very slow to load on Firefox, leaving me staring at the Google Chrome logo on your splash screen and the words "Chrome - The way to play"! My login is still blocked using Chrome. Given what you put about Chrome above, you might consider removing your site's reccommendation for Chrome.

  • Now I'm in and at first the game loaded very slowly. Then I had invisible units, each hidden at the centre of a zone where there was no fog of war!

  • As of this morning I am unable to log in as user "LC Jackson" with Google Chrome only! Firefox is fine. Chrome has been fine until today. Error message "Invalid user name or password", for the user name and password that Firefox accepts. Please advise.