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  • some games at end a few hrs before game ends and i have more resources than god ill start building army bases in occupied cities than demolish and repeat.

  • 1 hour to 2 hour game.

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    Even on small map you need 14 - 21 game days to win. A 2 hr game would have to be like x 100 speed. Well x 24 speed would get you 2 game days in 2 hrs so i guess even x 100 would get you 8 days. So yeah fire up the x 300 speed games Do you realize how fast you would have to react to stuff. Even x 4 games you cant even sleep without missing a day. Now a better concept may be a time zone game. Like a EST Map where game pauses 12am to 8 am EST.

  • Quote from PerigeeNil: “So, Buckeye, I know you used to play a lot of 1x. Did you just have set/scheduled times every day when you would log in? Like, you always logged in first thing in the morning, after lunch, after dinner, before bed, etc? ” Well when working from home would have on in If in office would check before work; when home; before bed. Some intense coalition battles have even gone to library a block from office to login at lunch at lunch. Mobile didnt work very we…

  • 1 x does allow for more time away. Playing 1 x now and its painfully slow after last x 4 game. But x 4 game i make more planning errors and sucks if get a decent nights sleep missing 1.5 game days. Plus when unlocked research you have too many options early on and if not disciplined end up wasting builds/ research on stuff you really dont need at that point of game. But to answer question check in few times a day just to see if anything unexpected. Try to plan when a research slot open and/or bu…

  • Relocate HQ

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    only worthwhile later in game as get nailed with distance from HQ on morale so moving closer to front helps. But cost to annex and move not worth early in game.

  • well yeah.. real answer is build Navy. Like in a real war when is last time a warship has been sunk by anything but another ship / sub? WW2??

  • Quote from Lionheart: “ - Air Superiority fighters. They are great, but they have a really annoying flaw. If you set the to patrol, they will attack enemy ground units. That makes no sense. I may want to try to establish air power over a city with an airbase, but I can't because that wing might die attacking ground units. ” Unless has changed Air supp only stacks will not attack ground units. If mixed stack with SF then yeah whole stack will engage ground targets. - Shore based anti-ship defense…

  • Suicidal AI Moves

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    Quote from Kalrakh: “Players tend to make the public games easier then any AI could sadly ” This is true last game came through mid east to africa , algeria was a top 8 player and had most of northern africa but abondoned country and tried to send like 5 convoys of huge stacks to new zealand. obviously as a island nation I have my shipping lanes covered; took out his whole army in a few hrs when they ran into my ships versus what may have taken days to beat if he defended own country. Its a war …

  • Suicidal AI Moves

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    Quote from Kalrakh: “That is why I consider AI on a score of 1 to 10 to be at -2 ” funny when you see someone stats when they are like barely above .500 versus AI or watch a coal partner lose troops against AI.

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “5 city island natuons and you have the best navy? Amazing. Normkly with only 1 components homeland city you need 20 days to have decent fleet. I hate island nations. No way of knowing what is out there coming towards you. I hardly close my eyes before i have NOA patroling in a 8 hour travel cricle around my homeland. ” Dont build armor early on. Strike fighters only take 900 components. Frigs 2k but thats about all spend components on. Plus im scooping up all cheap comp…

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “If you run around with 10 MRL in one stack, you are putting yourself in a very bad position, as soon you meet any kind of smarter player So it does not really matter, that there is no artillery officer, because you do not tend to run around with pure stacks anyway. In ground combat mixed stacks are key and also speed, so you tend to get the officers because of the speed boost they give and less because of damage boosts. ” yep slam in 4 or 5 cruise missiles will take care of …

  • Naval Officer only officer worth it imho. 4 frigs / 1 officer nothing from air getting in and can take out destroyers / cruisers. with bonus like hitting 6 ships against 5 and frigs take most of damage.

  • Quote from Opulon: “"If i was able to sink you, you were too close" tends to be what i accept from people. If i need to get through someone's waters, i ask before hand, and i give extensive details as per to give the maximum guarantees it's not a cheap scheme to get in a good position to attack. If you allow me to pass throughout something that may be a vulnerable zone for you, you can be sure i'll make arrangements that so you remain in control. When this kind of mutual understanding goes throu…

  • Quote from PerigeeNil: “Australia sent me a message after I destroyed a transport they sent too close to my coast; that has been my only communication with other players; that has also been my only naval contact so far ” Lol... I do the same thing. Sink anything approaching or near my coast. especially later in game as first volley in naval battle is huge; Im not sitting by waiting to get hit.

  • Quote from PerigeeNil: “Quote from fboy4866: “Hi could someone tell me how many total victory points there are in the ww3 map. I know that the victory points needed to win are 5920 if you are in a coalition but is that the same as all the points in the map ” And to answer the last part of your question: No, you never have to take over every VP on the entire map to win. ” No but in a 5 man ... you have to wipe a good 85 - 90 pct of map (pending VP increases / decreases mentioned above).

  • Quote from PerigeeNil: “ Those doing the math on the resources may notice that I should have run short of electronics and rare materials. I bought what I needed to finish satisfying these costs from the Market with some of the starting game Money (the resource, not online purchases). ” This is key. First few days I buy up all cheap resources whether need now or not. Ill sell gas but try not to sell anything else. But market drys up pretty quick so buy what you can while you can.

  • Quote from Teburu: “ also: huh i could’ve sworn that ai only gets one motorized inf and not two ” Depends on map I think. Just played Apoc x 4 and AI had 2 inf. Have played maps with 1 inf and pretty sure maps with just 1 NG that wasnt even full strength. But as an island nation you are correct dont go out too far without navy escort. Good thing with AI is if even 2 inf...1 shell from ship it splits and 1 inf commits suicide by ship then just shell 1 inf left. stroll some inf in unscathed. So as…

  • Well id be closed day 1; as not bob the builder

  • I dont know I assummed it was games way of trying to slow me down. I thinked they nerfed AI since then as last game played AI actually moved stacked units in two cities just outside city between two prov. It was its own homeland but was taken over. so was able to cleanup city and prov by going around AI without having to kill. But in general AI normally really easy to beat. Its funny when you see a live country struggle to beat AI.

  • I had one game the AI was all over my butt. It would move troops in a nuetral country to cut me off when I had no intention to attack AI country but almost forced me too to finish off country X I was fighting. Then another time was just cruising by an AI country and it attacked me. Happened like 2 or 3 times in one game.