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  • I expect opponents to do all sorts of things, like sending an invasion fleet halfway around the world while I'm invading their homeland, or attacking hardened defensive positions they have no chance of capturing. But, some things just make me go "whaaaaaat??" Here's one...the New York player really, really likes airbases:…d5b56778a30ed8c7559d6142c

  • Quote from Capnhappy: “In a recent game, my coalition and I took out a player who had hardly built a military; instead, he annexed almost every single city that he had conquered (around 20). ” This reminds me...I'm going to start a new topic for "weirdest things you've seen an opponent do in a game". I once saw an opponent who built an airbase in every province.

  • ...or does it work? The tactics I see in this game seem to fall into one of three categories, more or less. I'm going to use the names of games I've played (which some of you will recognize) to name them: - Command & Conquer - Some of you are familiar with the RTS game Command & Conquer, where the "tank rush" was a popular tactic: you build as fast as you can, then rush the enemy's base, hoping to overwhelm them before they get set up. This can work on the short-term, and it can work in the earl…

  • I'm a huge believer in diplomacy. Besides talking to other countries as potential coalition members, it's not unusual for me to congratulate a worthy opponent on a great battle, whether or not I'm the one who won. But, the idea of joining sides with someone who was once trying to destroy you seemed so bizarre that I never thought it could ever happen. I am now in my second game where I am on the same side as a former enemy. In the first situation, friends I usually play with encountered a really…

  • Simplified Order of Battle

    Moon Tsu - - General Discussion


    Order of Battle isn't something specifically mentioned in Conflict of Nations, but it's something we all do in the game. We build our forces in the way that works best for us with the ultimate goal of victory. Over time, you've probably changed your thoughts on how best to build. In my case, I started out thinking how cool it was that I got to build an army full of tanks and helicopters. That lasted until I ran into an opponent who tore me to shreds with strike fighters. So, I started building s…

  • My favorite times in the game are when things look totally f*ed, but I manage to pull things out of a nosedive. Sometimes, that happens because you grind your opponents down. That's satisfying, but not memorable. What I'm talking about here are specific events where the fate of the game turned. You can share bad memorable moments, too, if you want. The ones I'm sharing are both in coalition games, and I'm certain those things alone wouldn't have won the war if not for the actions of my allies. B…

  • True. But, as someone who works with software for a living, I wonder what sort of logic is coded into that pathfinding.

  • When I have a ground unit near a port and pick a move target that's near a port, the game always seems to send the unit by sea. But, when I set waypoints on land, the arrival time is almost always sooner. Besides taking longer, ground units on a boat are defenseless. Are my subordinate commanders that lazy that they think it's a great idea to take a longer time and put our troops in harm's way just so they don't have to read a road map?

  • As I'm typing this, I'm telling myself that I shouldn't. I'd say 95% of coalitions in games I've played are actually just 3 or 5 countries playing as individuals. I usually join games with 2 to 4 friends, and we have a massive advantage over those groups of 5 individuals. I'm in a game now facing an incredibly talented group of individuals in the other coalition. But, one of them declared war on 3 of us at the same time. The rest of their coalition remained at peace. By the time a second member …

  • Are you playing on the PC? I play on the app most of the time, so it’s an easy tap-tap-tap to find what’s going on. If nothing’s happening, I put my phone away. It’s a lot easier than the time required to do this on the PC.

  • Awesome. I never noticed that before, since I never needed it before. Thank you! If the messages were creative insults, it might have been entertaining. I keep being reminded of the maturity gap when I play this game.

  • I’m in a game where another player keeps sending me these bizarre, insulting messages. Other than just ignoring the psychopath, is there any other recourse? A “block” option would be ideal, but I suspect I’m going to have to ignore him (after I conquer his country).

  • For some reason, I can see the humor in just about everything. In every game that I've played, I post an article that tells a news report of what's happening, but I don't tell it literally as being a war report. I describe what's happening on the battlefield as if it were an everyday event. For example, when Norway, Sweden, and Italy invaded Germany this past October, I described it as tourists converging on Bavaria for Oktoberfest. I never trash talk anyone. I don't suggest that I'm about to ki…

  • <p> </p>Okay…I assume I just start a new game when I see Find Game. Duh…sorry about that.

  • There are 4 active players in the game I’m playing now. We’ve carved up North and Central America, and we all know this is going to take a while. I wanted to see if I could join a game with a different setting, but I can’t see a way to join a second game. I didn’t see this is in the frequently asked questions section. In the app, when I sign in, it puts me straight into the game. I don’t see another option that lets me go back to the main menu.