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  • Eh, nukes aren’t common enough that not having them would dramatically alter how the game usually plays out. As LastLiving already said this feels more like an idea born out of losing to getting nuked than any novel gameplay.

  • Quote from Second Cannae: “How can you seriously expect anyone to understand that you were being sarcastic? Do you have the ability to hear tone and inflection in text?? ” I mean, some people can taste colors ...

  • Helicopters from Combat outpost

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  • Quote from 1733973qaz: “For me, since I don't have security council, that means that the only launch platforms are BM Sub and Land Based Launcher. ” That's the point. Having another Unit that is capable of launching BMs from the air would utterly invalidate the "Elite" status of the Elite Bomber

  • Cheating players

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    Quote from Hydralysk: “"Is it possible for a player to have a huge army and navy all developed and upgraded at day 26 without even conquering a single foreign city?" Yep. Might cost a LOT of gold, but it can be done. iu "So this game doesn't reward conquest? " The game DOES reward conquest. It rewards those who spend gold more so. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” ― George Orwell, Animal Farm iu "you can stay inside your borders and win the game?" That is a bi…

  • Let’s Talk about Ukraine

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    My thoughts on Ukraine? - Absolutely nobody could have expected an Invasion a Special Military Operation in Ukraine out of all places looks back at the Annexation of Crimea almost a decade ago "Absolutely nobody I tell you" Which side do you support? - Ukraine, live in Nato territory after all and it would be kinda ridiculous to not support your own team, even before that, Russia is pretty much a prime example of dictatorship and looking at it with the power of hindsight its kinda insane that co…

  • SU25 is the more iconic aircraft tho

  • Quote from shrek6satan: “Quote from PrinceofHonor: “Okay, insults will not be tolerated, try to stay on the subject of the thread. Quote from shrek6satan: “Quote from Buckeyechamp: “Frick its a public forum nt your private chat. ” yeah maybe I'll do the fuck i want. I'm gonna start a thread with a link to a scam website it's a public forum i can do everything i want. I told you to be respectful to stay on topic of the thread you guys completely ignored me ” This will get your forum ac…

  • Quote from shrek6satan: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Buckeyechamp: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Anna Jija: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “ ” ” I just overtook The Big G Germanico for Most Total Likes on this Forum. ” Congrats .... I passed 1000. Only 7 of us in the 1000+ like club!Is Big G still kicking; havnt seen him post in quite some time. ” He has been absent from the Forum for several months to half a year, but I just saw him posting on the CoN Discord site last mont…

  • Level has been changed to reflect actual skill level; should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of players have gotten the lowest possible rank.

  • Quote from Anna Jija: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “No, I get sad when I see this:…01d1ee26102e0daf62beffdf2 ” well at least @Hydralysk has 1 like, thats more than you usually get on ur threads ” thats actually wrong tho

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Buckeyechamp: “based on desc .. stealth unless in combat. so your question was if on ground. which should be stealth but if you attacked them then no t is in combat and would be visible; but has nothing to do with your situation. But in general Game is Ducked up in regards to grounded planes fighting. Not that purposely fight ground units with grounded planes but one game was landing at partners airbase to help him and during refuel city went rougue and on…

  • Quote from Mr_Mp5: “The only good answer is the country with the most starting cities, which is, Germany. Germany is the best starting country because it has the most starting cities... Any country is good mid-late game, but at the first moment of the map, Germany having the most cities puts it at #1. It's sad how Germany is taken by quitters so often. It really is a strong country, that is lost to bad players too often. ” You are in fact wrong, Germany doesn’t have the most cities. That would b…

  • If its Grand Strategy you are looking for then just play Paradox Games and mod them into oblivion

  • Pronouns, Pronouns, Pronouns!

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    Quote from Eren Yeager: “Quote from Killiam07: “don't try to look tough, your username is an anime character ” Your username is Killiam07, so you can't exactly brag. ” Both of your usernames are pretty cringe

  • No Free Field Upgrades

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    Quote from Hydralysk: “Quote from playbabe: “It would be damage distribution hell. ” ? ” Because Units of different Levels are not exactly the same (like e.g.: motorized and mechanized Inf) they will not share healthpool, this in return means that damage will be split between more Units which means that a stack can survive longer without losing individual Units.

  • It’s not „bad graphics“ or anything similar playbabe even made a video of it its one of the reasons why exposing your aircraft is considered almost suicide I find it kinda hard to believe you never encountered it with how easy it is to reproduce

  • Quote from Buckeyechamp: “it follows well basically plots a intercept course and even though both same speed. attacking plane closes on defending plane which is an impossibility and although I kill many this way it is so silly. If Im 8 min away and we are both traveling at 12 SP it might take 20 min but attacker will catch plane A slowly. Think this only applies if over my territory; I would lose contact if plane A is over enemy territory so basically gives planes over friendly territory major a…

  • Last time I checked they still teleport. Tho I'm pretty sure that is intentional.

  • no, abilities only apply to the unit that has them