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  • yes when it comes to improving your kill statistic then this maps aucks. Because if you look at thus feom a statistic point of view from list od active players there are 50% I cannot conquer/kill. But i can imagine that this map has potential for clans/alliances doing some public training without risking a ban because of wolfpacking.

  • you mean a 1 vs 1?

  • Quote from KFGauss: “ What strikes me as odd however, is that in a CoN forum you feel driven to try to point out the USA's mistakes more than you point out any other government's mistakes, as if you're trying to say the USA sucks especially, instead of making the point that by and large all governments/societies (so far as I know) suck or sucked. ” You are framing me for something I am not...I am pretty objective in my thoughts. Unless you wanne be woke and you think that chaimberlain rocks dese…

  • Hi, despite all my dislike for 4x speed in favour of a good night sleep - i tried a RED vs. blue. It was the most boring adventure I did. The map only filled to 50% and the other 50% went inactive and from that I coudl only fight 5% becasue the rest were my allies. So I battle 3 active players for the last 20 days (or 5 days real time). But what more surpised me was the battle rewards. Its seemed to me, that every player joinging the game...even the ones that droped dead and inactive received re…

  • no all gone for my new copper isolation...

  • Pronouns, Pronouns, Pronouns!

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    the woke guys banning stones from University?

  • Did you fix that thre are not single speed RED vs Blue games?

  • I must object. On the first sight seems very obvious that the US government want a strong and free Europe...but actually its the exact opposite they want. But its hard to see those lines and you have to read and understand what politians like Nixon and Kissinger say. A first idea is the so called flexible response doctrin. In the end we come back to the good old "divide and conquer" or "balance of powers" as to what england started and the USA continues. Till the 20th century England always inte…

  • Quote from KFGauss: “Kurt - You and this thread are once again straying pretty far afield. Anyone with a lick of sense in the USA knows that in a world awash in evil and cruelty, the USA's hands are not clean, not by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you were to try the (FUTILE, AUGEAN) task of organizing governments and societies (over perhaps the last 4000? years) into some form of good vs evil N-dimensional catalog that included both actions and aspirations, I believe that recent No…

  • pitty you killed the.main topic before i could add native americans to the list. Or even US civil war crimes commited by Yankees to destroy southern moral so they kever wage war again. No country should be finger pointing when it comes to war crimes. War means killing and killing is a crime by itself. At least if you follow the bible. Which other then the coran does not provide an excuse for breaking the "You shall not Kill" rule.

  • Types of Forum Users

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    what about the smart ass? And the helpful guy And the @Germanico No Bot?

  • @Opulon PErfect analyzed. I did the very same thing when i played russia. I even withdraw alle troops form the east and send them to the west...with (9?) core cities come 18 inf...gibe russian 2 days to gather troops and he can steamroll everything. thats why I attack (when playing Belarus) Russia very early one. Takign the bitter pill to have to march through sibiria...but its long as the AI has not taken this countriy....invading AI russia on day 20+ is a pain in the ass...infantry min…

  • No Free Field Upgrades

    kurtvonstein - - Suggestions


    For the point of realism and to benefit the SIM City players that do economie first and army second this is a real benefit. Especially when i think about upgrade times... @Hydralysk an instant upgrade would not be benfitial so you would al least need half the time of the normal contruction time for an upgrade. Upgrading then woudld only benefit experiences units...which would have to be a nice additional thing...the more kills the more experience the more moral and fighting power. We have seen t…

  • Patch Notes 2204.27

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    Still CAN NOT see single speed (1x) Red vs Blue games in the new games list...…ed730721609de85758db20361

  • from my latest game: Destroyer send to attack a city...fregatte can take him out while he does basically no damage...…ed730721609de85758db20361

  • Thank you...thats quite interesting...

  • If we follow that line then we should send andilek to discord...

  • Quote from Teburu: “no army bases seems fairly easy to me, you just have to spam aircraft which is a semi-viable strategy for public matches anyway I have a better challenge: you are only allowed to use missiles to kill units (insurgents are ofc excluded) ” no radar, no tank destroyer, no passive air defense...thats pretty tough... But if you want a real challenge: win a game with only naval AWACs...

  • thats an interesting challenge. Win a game without building an army base. I do this next.