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  • Patrol range size

    W. Adama - - Questions & Answers


    Hi, I have some doubts about patrol range. Patrol range is the same that radar range? (image attached, red circle, sorry for spanish description). I read in some threads that patrol range size is 50, but in an attack heli the radar range is 60, as well as in a ASF. Thanks in advance.

  • Gameplay history

    W. Adama - - Questions & Answers


    Hi, is it possible to obtain the games history that I played with my account, and its result? Thanks in advanced

  • Quote from dfrost: “when i started, i chose to start as a non pay to play player and play solo. but because of my decision, i am aware that a coalition can beat me up and so can pay to play players. i don't know why you would quit the game. it's obvious coalitions will have an advantage and so will pay to play players. personally, i would continue to make it difficult for the pay to play players where they will have to spend a lot in gold when they confront me. let them spend their money.... be …

  • Quote from JimmyMaestro: “You took 100 cities by turn 20? How much gold did you spend in the match? ” Before day 20, nothing of gold. I was lucky and all countries nearby were inactive. And, due to COVID, I was plenty of time, this was the key. 100 cities in day 20 is my best mark by far, surely I will not get that mark again. China had more than 120. Also, Germany has a good production. As I said, I bought 80.000 of gold in day 26, in order to be able to defend ICBM, nuclear missiles, stealth b…

  • Last night I archived my game (id 4570410). I'm so frustated with this business model that I will leave this game for a long time. When I joined this game (day 5, Germany) I have no problem the first days. Germany was intacted, so I was easy to defeat nearby countries (public games are so easy...). But soon I noticed a player (China) using cruise missiles in order to defeat singles mot. inf.. In this moment I though "oh, a golden boy, a real challenge!". Few days later, when China and I shared b…

  • Quote from Randomguy93: “I like that idea. Or another subscription level that allows access to games with no gold allowed, like an enhanced Security Council. ” I like that idea too.