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  • Quote from Im On Smoko: “Hmm, many great responses. Especially @Opulon & @kurtvonstein. In those above mentioned analyses, the eastern Russian cities / territories are the fat to the meat of the country, as in can be trimmed / lost so to speak. I am curious, @Opulon & @kurtvonstein depending on the game situation, would it make sense to build an airfield in eastern side of Russia either for quicker transport of ground units to the west or conversely if the eastern Russian territory is not lost d…

  • the common debt proposal, i don't understand how my policy makers are not silenced by their own shame when the say it. Litteraly the guy that took two desserts and a bottle of wine for himself, and proposes "let's divide in 4 it's more convenient hey ?" With friends like that... lmao

  • Non. La production russe, comme celle de tous les pays IG, est extrêmement abstraite et ne reflète aucune réalité IRL.

  • Gentlemen, you invest way too much intellectual power to fuel the afterburner of a idiotic pleasantry of mine

  • I stand corrected. Or, more precisely, i grow old. Next thing you know, they'll announce illness is caused by little things you can't see.

  • Quote from GrandInquisitor: “Quote from kurtvonstein: “Belarus ist one of my favorite countries...Landlocked so nobody can sneak into your coastal cities by night and all core cities are so close to each other that your can make a perfect TDS defense... ” Landlocked nations are the best I don't care what anyone says. They can waste time with their fancy boats in the sea while I take up all the VP. ” It actually is one of the reasons why i desire some archipelago map with altered VP points. Curre…

  • A bit like black holes. Never observed, as it's impossible to witness one through your own eyes , but they fill some mathematical equation perfectly, so we assume they exist, as an intellectual object.

  • The main mistake players do when they play russia : they don't draw where is the center of gravity of their country. In all tactical and strategical respects, Russia is the equivalent of a "big poland" or "big ukraine" on the eastern fringe of Europe, and that should consider itself as a country competing for Europe. Everything east of Yekaterinburg, which i tend to see as the actual eastern border of Russia, is between the "impossible to defend against good players without jeopardising your wes…

  • Quote from Teburu: “Honestly considering the amount of shit i post im surprised i have such a high ratio edit: maybe sort by ratio ” Same feedback. The quality of my messages isn't a gaussian. Oh lord, it isn't

  • The 2000th was well worth it

  • British War Crimes : - Good Food And the celestial eyes will never forgive

  • Old map, but i've seen people attempt blitzkrieg with stacks of MBT + Airborn Infantry, going on foot.

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Tifo_14: “Quote from Teburu: “Fail to see how having Ukraine be Neutral suddenly makes dorado pro russia. There are plenty of possible reasons as to why that could be the case. Frankly your behavior in that regard is completely unreasonable. „But IRL…“ get in line behind the other people complaining about con not representing some irl aspect of their country. ” Their intention to make Ukraine neutral means that they stand neutral …

  • Generally speaking, people that play SAM in sufficient numbers are also the ones who don't play melee anymore, or would argue that SAMs are more precious than melee units.

  • Let's stick to the memes. Some will be "uncourteous" to various political agendas, various cultures, but it's what memes are about ultimately. As long as we don't see something that is wildly gratuitous in its hatred, racism, or sexism, let's carry on and tolerate.

  • Quote from Buckeyechamp: “For the Love of God ..... Could someone please program an Andi Anti Gibberish Translator Even with todays technology; I am not sure it can be done. But if scientists can communicate with apes via sign language; we should be able to figure out a way to understand Andi. Or possibly we could have a chimp translate his messages?? Andi types: "You be are such a bad stupid player (he has that part down) who no very goodish; I play what a time that is loose basket and throw a …

  • Under 5 K/D : DonttalktomeormysonJimmyWales.png (This is prehistorical meming)

  • Single Versus Stack Healing

    Opulon - - Questions & Answers


    Yes. It's not a "stack heals X hp per day", it's a "each unit in the stack heals X hp per day". Hence why if you merge a badly damage plane into a stack of full HP planes, you heal at very high speed

  • It's because you try to tie the visuals too much to reality A single strike fighter would obliterate a single IFV. it's the expectable result, and no one doubts that in real life, a single IFV would be generally speaking toast to a strike fighter. However, in Conflict of Nations, units and fights must be understood through abstract thinking. In T1, a strike fighter costs 950 components, 900 electronics, and 3 000 $ a AFV (or IFV) costs 1 600 components, 600 electronics, and 1 625 $ So... a full …

  • Professional CoN oob

    Opulon - - General Discussion


    4 SAM per battlegroup has no correlation with my sexual insecurity