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  • Ez. add a new unit description so noobs better understand it. IMPORTANT: UNIT DOES NOT DECLARE WAR UPON ENTRANCE OF FOREIGN TERRITORY

  • Battle of Active

    ewac123 - - Roleplaying Section


    Quote from kurtvonstein: “yes 1x many active players that will use my sleep Pattern against me to attack. ” Sup. Depending on start date, i'll join. For my ingame name, ill send it to you via direct msg

  • I'll give my two cents on this- The EAA is very powerful early game when your enemies have little anti air. Nations best suited to use this: Central European/Middle east due to high city concentration Nations least suited: USA because you'll need like 20 airfields just to get anywhere close to the battle How to counter: Max your SAMs Max your ASF Use special forces to take out their planes by having them helicopter into their airport. Use your own EAA

  • Ruleset for Alliances

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    Quote from Maxim | CM: “Attention fellow Alliance Leaders. We are introducing a very basic ruleset for alliances going forward. These rules are aimed at ensuring that alliances can participate in and enjoy fair and competitive matches. Fairness is not limited to respecting the below ruleset, but also to ensuring that alliances treat their opponents with courtesy and respect: 1. Alliances are responsible for honouring any internal rules agreed with other alliances for challenges 2. Alliance leade…

  • Zombie Strategy

    ewac123 - - General Discussion


    As I was playing Z map, I had some thoughts. I find it extraordinarily useful to ignore the zombies outside of your direct vicinity and to play as normal, while others get distracted. However, you need to make sure *if* the zombies invade you, you have some defense. In a 4x round playing as France, I had invaded parts of Benelux and Britain, and ignored the huge outbreaks in eastern europe. However, I did have several wings of Gen 2 Strike Aircraft, which, once I finally deployed, ended the cris…

  • Quote from Andilek7319: “by the way becose may my english is wery bad i write twice one my language and england too 1) agresive mode in many situation not reflekt enemy force in radius many time is happens that artilery arrive at place where is enemy .. some ship big problem with radius jednotky v statusu agresive ignoruji nepratelske sily a vesele klidne narazi do nepritele plus hodne u lodi problem s dosahem strelby ( plus druhotny bug pokud ma hrac dost casu jde delat i to ze vystrelim a behm…

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “Opulon you forget that one player in a hundred that does helicopters...bad evil elite helicopters... ” no 1 in 500 Also 5 in 300 will do railgun And 10 excited noobs that got sc a few weeks ago will get ugv

  • Quote from WalterChang: “Quote from ewac123: “Ok, back on topic, SFs are the public game meta. Add an air officer l4 or higher and its even more op... however if you have resources a few asf is good with it. Sf is more important than asf in public. ” It is precisely because SFs are so common in public games that I always build lots of ASFs. Having SFs of my own doesn't seem particularly important to me, because once I have destroyed the enemy airforce (ASFs make pretty short work of SFs), I can …

  • Quote from WalterChang: “I once killed 3 whole stacks of L6 SFs with 1 stack (one!) of L4 ASFs, plus a couple of spares for rotation. I only lost 1 unit. If anything, I think SFs are a bit weaker than they could be. And I definitely don't think airforce is overpowered just because you can annihilate unprotected tank/infantry stacks with them. ” i once saw an enemy who was 3500 km away from my country. He stacked 26 maxed bombers and sent them to my capital. When my sams hit it, it made the stack…

  • Quote from Zemunelo: “Back to topic. What can you do on day 20 in Flashpoint when your opponent has 7-8 full upgraded stacks of 4+1 planes (4 SF + 1 ASF) and 1 full ASF stack? What would a player need to defend? How manu SAM and ASF to defend? I am asking this because I just played one Flashpoint map and did this on day 20 with easy. I even had 5 helicopters and 4-5 towed, many TD, lot of recons and enough infantry. Ofc lvl 5 hospital and on day 20 had 8 cruise missiles, on day 21, had 20+ more.…

  • yep, if you have planes returning, you can demolish the airfield, forcing the plane to land somewhere else. Its really a last resprt if u dont want your expensive planes destroyed... not sustainable really

  • uh i think u should make different game for every time zone Also no one would spend gold in thses games

  • lol your not using air right Air would be op if u do that

  • Harrasing in Game 4173212

    ewac123 - - Bug Reports & Issues


    hes upset cause he used gold and the wood and copper users called him out Maybe post a screenshor

  • Newpaper Stats - More Rankings

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  • now now... i might as well suggest a new officer unit myself, just as niche as yours: awac officer 500km range radar, +50% combat range, and 50 hp at max level Adds speed bonus of +40% when maxed Operable on carriers 5.0 defense to fix wing aircraft Can launch cruise missiles

  • Going AI

    ewac123 - - Questions & Answers


    Quote from GeneralZod31: “Source? ” if you don't trust DoD, you are truly unintelligent source: The Dorado Staff *joking*

  • X10 map

    ewac123 - - Maps


    Quote from ADVISOR: “MAP - means the word "GAME". It's just that in Russia it is customary to say "LET'S GO TO THE MAP". And do not say let's go into the game)) Apparently the GOOGLE translator also confuses a credit card and a game map ))) ” wow! con mods weren't on hiatus after all I urgently need your help on this matter ->…xploit-links-immediately/

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Looks more like a kurtvonstein free range zombie pasture than a DoD zombie farm. (DoD zombie farms are controlled and don't get out of hand.) In fact, it looks like something is going to happen in this game, that I've never seen before:Non zombie insurgents Winning the game. ” Yeah, there was a time when rogues had 10 pts from victory, and I had to fire some nuclear CMs to get it under control

  • To those strategists like @Dealer of Death Day 181, my attack helicopter strategy finally making a breakthrough in the "Russia situation". Russia spammed tanks, Sams, missile defense, and MRL So I kinda had to invest in aircraft carriers and attack helis(I had naval superiority since day 17) Anyhow, Turkey has been placed into my "protective puppet nations" while being part of russia's coalition. He's giving me info on the russian forces. All of Russian homeland taken, also my insurgent spawning…