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  • Hi This might be a bit of an awkward question but: Where can I see how much time I have left on my Security Council Subscription? I know for a fact that I have an ongoing one because I can use all the extra features in the game. Thanks in advance!

  • Should these additions be added?

    Juxz - - Suggestions


    Hello! So I've been playing the game for a while now and so far loving it. Especially "Apocalypse (4x)" Although I wish to see certain additions to the game. They're listed here below: - C4 charges (must be researched first), that can be consumed by "Deployable Gear". The charges can only be used by infantry stealth units, such as "Special Forces" or the "Airborne Officer". And the charges can only target individual buildings (the player chooses) in cities or provinces. This gives stealth infant…