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  • The best Ways I have seen to counter railguns are MRL and even Mobile Artillery and any ships that have 100 range. Also upgraded Special forces with Airborne Officer are great you can get in close preferably in terrain. Most other land units will struggle vs them.

  • Battle of Active

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    I’m also up for it

  • Ballistic missiles are normally targets at cities because of there great damage to building but firing a ballistic missile at a territory that was just conquered can work wonders especially when there is a decent stack that just took the land. Elite bombers are great for that

  • I would put Japan at the top of my list for many reasons. first navy wins games so picking a island based country makes you unkillable as long as you have the strongest navy. second it’s strategic position is awesome being able to move in one direction most of the game starting with Korea, Philippines and China. Third you have 7 cities and they are fairly close together making it easier to establish a blockade and defense of your homeland. I like to build frigates and subs for navy and then mari…

  • Keep playing the red vs blue maps you will get to see a lot more epic and hilarious things player do.

  • In my opinion it is nice to know what doctrine you are to get the better buffs in it. However, as long as in the game you build the right units so you can effectively take out hard and soft, air and sea units while having the best of the rock paper science match your in good shape. What I like to do is balance my resources with my builds so I can maximize my resources into units. And i think that’s makes a bigger difference than the doctrine is to have the perfect counter and a better production…

  • What if you do a standard price for all trade that goes on from one guy to another in the message area without going to market. For example, rares would be a fixed price at 15 per unit(price subject to change) and electronics at 10. This would make it that you can get the resources you want but you will have to pay for it so it will be harder to abuse. because of now every rising tides game I play there is always someone who blocks the whole market with a insane amount of supplies per say at the…

  • I was playing conflict on my phone off the browser in a window and my phone turned off like normal and when I turned it back on it logged me out which it never logged me out before in in my time playing off the browser. And after that I can’t log back in and I know my username and password but says it’s is wrong so I tried my email to reset password but the emails that I would have used said it’s not on record. however my call of war account did not log out. How do I get back into my account? Th…

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “My helicopters eat mot inf for breakfaat. Thus I dont want to discourage you to research and build them. In fact I see my allies spawning them and i think. Hell what good units I could build with these resources. So far NG lvl 1 research did it for me. Ocasionally i research spec ops for the fun of it. But thats bassically my involvement with any inf unit. at the start of the game i need the rares for other more usefull research.f.e.e a recon. And later the game i need …

  • Copy and pasting

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    One thing that I think could be very help to a lot of players is being able to copy and paste in the message type box. This would be extremely helpful because people play from all over the world and as we know not everyone knows Turkish, Chinese and English to name a few. it would be so nice to be able to plug these long messages into google or a translator. Especially for mobile players where it is hard to flip back and forth. Thanks, Marine General