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  • Exactly Crang. I have had multiple incidents where the news has not quite been accurate to how the events played out. I sure would like a replay mode to be available! Long waypoints are the issue in most cases.

  • Hey guys. Been a little distant while summer vacation is on for most of our members. Keep playing and we will be back in the fall to kick it up a notch.

  • I am going to bump this item. Is there a way that the drone could be unidentifiable by all units instead of stealth? That way you could see it but couldn't see who owned it?

  • Game time limit

    Daloganator - - Questions & Answers


    HI There. What is the game time limit? We have a battle going, day 40, and a couple of people are going on holidays and we would like to have a truce that could last 3+ weeks. I seem to remember something about a 80 day limit in a world redux map? Thanks

  • Really looking forward to this. Keep it rolling! We would need to know from you: a) how many resources would you like on this map (22 player world map extra balanced for no-gold-competition) - -Being able to build in every city all the time with both resource slots working is too much. Keep it strategic (do I want 10 Lv1 Mech Inf or 5 Lv3?). I also like the use of AI Provincial/City resources as a way to focus initial expansion on key areas. 2 day truce to get everyone in game. b) would you like…

  • Hey Superchan. Send me a DM and lets talk.

  • The Rainmen have a policy of 4 players max to a public game. Both to balance the coalitions and also to leave a spot open for a potential recruit. It is hard enough not to find a public game where half the people quit after 5 days. In Game 2355406 we are 20 days in and a regional coalition suddenly went half inactive. I would rather play with my alliance members then some guy that disappears half way through a game.

  • Nice to see the new map up and reducing alliance spam will help. Still would like to see some improvements to Alliance Communication (Message all members) and Alliance game administration (replacing inactive & assigning countries). Ranking system is also a sore spot.

  • Can I ask if any consideration has been given to this request?

  • Feel free to send a challenge over to The Rainmen

  • Greetings, We have an internal alliance game going on and one player has gone MIA. I was told by support that it is not possible to replace them and I would like to respectfully request that game moderator functionality be adjusted to allow for this action. I get that in public games there is more chance for abuse but now we either play unbalanced or drop an active player while I have another on the sidelines ready to go. Thanks, Daloganator

  • Fire control settings

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    Yeah that would be good. Especially for naval blockades.

  • Good luck in your future endeavours.

  • Thanks very much. On the replacement game I had a player choose the wrong side again. Are there any plans to allow game creators to modify teams/nation assignments to reduce the instances of player inadvertently taking the wrong side or a country they shouldn't (such as Nato/WP games)?

  • Hey guys. We made three seperate errors on a game creation #2355549 When setting up teams we set to 'no teams' due to not double checking the settings. We will not be playing that match. #2356106 We had a member join the wrong team and then chose a country in the wrong sphere. We will not be playing that match. #2356487 When setting up teams we set to 'no teams' due to not double checking the settings. We will not be playing that match. Would you rather we let them go inactive or would you like …

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  • Still looking to add a few good men. We have a core group of 6-8 (depending on work schedules) that are mostly in Central Europe and North America. We have a discord channel setup for communication and are active in challenges (though our win rate needs some work). All of our players have started from scratch in the last 6 months so we are learning. Together. If you are interested look us up. daloganator

  • Agreed. There is a huge amount of time that is spent keeping people pointed in the right direction on top of the diplomacy required to setup games and deal with conflict (outside of the fun conflict in game). Any positive changes to make things easier to manage would be welcomed.

  • Sarwesh. Your choices are hard to understand and you have been warned in the past about impersonating other players. At this time you have been placed on probation with the Rainmen and your membership is under review. Trust is a hard thing to earn and easy to loose. daloganator Leader of the Rainmen

  • Everyone went inactive and then we ended the game. Two weeks to get that resolved though. Waste of time all around.