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  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “…40bfa9d3ce0755039e117ed69 ”…40bfa9d3ce0755039e117ed69

  • Stop Hit and run

    Dealer of Death - - Suggestions


    Quote from WalterChang: “But can't the server do a check when the first shot is fired? And if the attacking unit (the one that was moving) was 'visible' to the defending unit (the one that was static), then the damage would be applied to the attacker's HP first? ” bu bu but mah realism, ... it would be absolutely idiotic to apply damage to a sneak attacking unit first


  • not to mention the clouds that move across the screen at several thousand miles/hour (as compared to the speed of jet fighters)

  • Quote from Yak: “Constructive feedback goes a long way, rather than just saying something is bad. As I said, the user experience and interface will be revised for Desktop, and not simply copy/past to desktop from mobile. I cannot address your concerns or gripes if you resort to elementary ways of criticism. ” You want constructive? Tho I believe what I already said IS constructive, let me expound. The mobile graphics are awful. They look unprofessional and cartoony. Their cartoony quality comple…


  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “I was just tired of elite camels and wanted to promote the ideaof a first elite inf. deep insight my heart i still hope for landmines. ”…40bfa9d3ce0755039e117ed69

  • Quote from A_Talking_Crab: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Yoooooo Elite Paper Airplane for the win baby!!!! ” a-camel-looking-out-the-window-picture-id1189311037 ” here me out, airborne camel divisions ” Don't you mean airborne MUTANT camel divisions?

  • OH, ... BTW, there is sort of a fix: be in patrol range (not the longer ferry range), patrol near carrier, then try to ferry to it. Seems to work rather than straight ferrying to the carrier.

  • Zombie games

    Dealer of Death - - General Discussion


    Quote from Sgniappo: “2 Zombie question please: 1. when you hit a hive, does it count as population damage? since they are zombied-out, was hoping it would not affect population damage and i would not need to worry about morale when flattening them out with ships? 2. in the current game, i had not gone to war with the zombies. I noticed that people who had, didn't have it in the list of nations they are at war with. so i left a single inf unit per city, thinking that being at war with them would…

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Yoooooo Elite Paper Airplane for the win baby!!!! ” a-camel-looking-out-the-window-picture-id1189311037

  • Quote from Opulon: “the goal is not to turn a OP unit into a never used unit ^^. Availability balances the production and investment, but it needs to be "at the very least" fielded in correct amounts. I find the 3-5-10 to be a good average curve. ” No, the 3-5-10 is wrong. It should be 3-6-10. from tier I to II +3 (can field a stack and a spare) from II to III +4 (canfield 2 stacks) with 3-5-10, from I to II, you achieve less units than the original tech, and from II to III as many units as you …

  • Quote from KFGauss: “A Journalist unit. You use it to create one fake combat report in the CoN news each day. For example, it might create a report that a UAV Swarm has defeated some other unit (maybe one of those new Paper Airplane units). ” Oooo KF, so uncharacteristically creative of you, ... nice!

  • Quote from Samuel: “Making Slovakia playable in Flashpoint 1x and 4x + Making Cold war 4x, where is Czechoslovakia playable. ” Everyone wants their favorite or home footprint country to be playable, but sadly, not every country can be the United States. 1662824338610-png.84511

  • Stop Hit and run

    Dealer of Death - - Suggestions


    I think a "attack anything not in your coalition in range" option (and auto declare war if necessary to do so) would be far more advantageous unless they initiate some sort of territorial waters option. Nothing is dumber than a non ally being able to sail right past your 5 stack of max cruisers to invade your city, all because you aren't online during that small transit window.

  • Quote from A_Talking_Crab: “Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Would asking for elite paper airplane be too much...? ” it would be better than the swarm ” Throwing a slice of buttered bread at an enemy would be better than the UAV swarm. You might get lucky and hit them in the eyes/optics and foul their aim.

  • ... And people think I'M the snarky one on the Forums, sheesh. Personally, I always thought there should be more of a penalty for a surprise invasion, but I don't see either way affecting the gameplay much unless you make the surprise penalty ridiculously punitive, which I would NOT support.

  • Quote from Opulon: “double the cost, and limited availability, keep them "spectacularly strong", but it balances them indeed. ” I don't agree with nerfing, but this is the least vomit inducing toy breaking, I've seen. Less like toy breaking, more like McD's Szechuan sauce limited availability.

  • Quote from japan samurai: “Thinking back, I feel that this makes artillery a lot much better, not because it does more damage to the enemy, but because it disorganises the enemy’s troops. Which in turn allows one to defend much better. This means that The problem of getting melee is still there because even before they reach their target they could run out of organisation points and well… god knows what will happen next? Perhaps they retreat back to the nearest place or they just get annhiliated…