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  • New posters you know who you are.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Just wait till Kurtvonstein shows up, then he will clearly explain why helis are better. ” Someone who has only used a Hammer; will clearly explain to you its better than a Screwdriver.

  • its in con wiki at top of forum

  • You guys realize you can direct message people right. Forum topics are not meant for private 1 - 1 conversations.

  • Quote from Flat Stanley: “All heavies belong in bottom 2 rows. ” You just have to know how to use them; like any tool NAP is a must have for big pacific naval battles. I used to think same thing about heavies till used NAP; and recently been using h-bombers (not a primary weapon but helps get out of range targets and/or hit cities) this really helps out in pacific too as EAA short range hard to take out island countries. First time I used H-bombers was due to a missile only challenge i took up a…

  • Quote from Visaris47: “Hey guys, Mostly unrelated question but as I hope someone could take a couple seconds out of their day to let me know; Since the new season has not yet begun, if one were to purchase Security Council membership right now, would they still be able to keep the current unit? My, um, friend has like 10x the necessary points and is currently mobilising the unit, but let the time slip away by accident. Cheers, and fingers crossed Edit - Yes the points were earned during the seas…

  • This is how to deploy "Elite" Swarm properly. 1. Select Elite Swarm 2. Crumple the Swarm up nice and tight 3. Throw it in the garbage 4. Do not ever build again

  • My take on the game

    The Pale Rider - - General Discussion


    Quote from GamePanda: “Quote from Aican: “Rising tides. ” Dont bother fighting them.Go for a sneak attack on the victory sites. If most people are busy or inactive and you dont need like 3000 more but only 1500, you can just scoop them up in one attack before midnight. Day changes, you win. China has access to 2 easy ones early so you shouldn't need that much anyway. ” You need 3850 VP for solo Rising Tides. So if you ever did this you would know.

  • Hard to pick when play god mode all the time But most memorable was a rising tide solo win in a highly contested map. Played as Australia and had taken most of asia including the 3 victory sites. Europe was dominated by France/Russia/Norway and France / Russia had good stats/records; Norway was new but active and learning. Americas dominated by S. America coal (brazil/Peru/arg) so basically just Mideast and Africa left. Early in game obvious Brazil was a golder and tried to scrap with euro coal …

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “Quote from GamePanda: “Quote from The Destroyer 4: “ ” ” ” Quote from Yak: “Quote from The Destroyer 4: “that dorado should really learn from... ” Yes we absolutely are using the unit as a learning opportunity, as is with everything else we do, we naturally analyse and review ” Curious... why havnt they modified in x # of seasons? Maybe increase range; reduce the deployment requirements (or even list in the requirements screen for unit); reduce the delay time when la…

  • never-argue-with-stupid-people.jpg

  • My take on the game

    The Pale Rider - - General Discussion


    Quote from Aican: “thx @kurtvonstein . Though about your comment regarding winning percentage and provinces conquered. I think you are right, provinces conquered is 100% work of the player you are looking up. No opportunity to ride shotgun, should be the main criteria, with winning percentage giving you another hint. I will change my post accordingly, thx for the input. ill share my opinion on golders and spies while talking about tactics. Will need a little time to get there. ” K:D ratio agains…

  • Quote from KoopKoopyGuy: “Quote from kurtvonstein: “lol. you should consider building other units if inaurgents trouble you. ” I did that. It's kinda hard to deal with insurgents when you are the unique one active in the game.…0120a7e9995d3e650021c8f1bJust take a look at this, they even have their own empire! ” A 4 whole Insurgent Empire...Oh the Horror!! lol. 1 EAA patrol strike would smash 3 of them at once. If you think this is hard to beat some serious issues.

  • I love when peeps cry and beg for mercy Its a war game; dont be surprised when you get attacked. godfather-man-o.gif

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  • Subs are they most ineffective naval asset. 1. HP Cut in half in shallow waters. 2. Stealth over rated. Only benefit would be a boot and scoot attack; but can be picked up by corvettes; dest; officers; nap; nav chopper. So unless someone silly enough to be cruising high seas with a lone frig or cruiser; subs are going to get sunk. I used to make 1 - 2 Ball miss subs just to launch BMs at range; but Elite Bombers have made that strategy obsolete.

  • Quote from Aeneas of Troy: “Quote from Flat Stanley: “Unlike regular nat guard, hopefully this will be legit enough for me to produce it EDIT An idea: nerf movement speed in trade-off for extra atk/def dmg buff in forest/hills/jungle ” Ummm, I would never build such unit. Infantry is for taking territories (the faster, the better), and never for melee except vs insurgents. And NGs are the best infantry out there for that role. I guarantee that you just don’t know how to use them…. ” agree - Only…

  • Zombie games

    The Pale Rider - - General Discussion


    Quote from TiddyBoy: “Quote from Teburu: “Quote from TiddyBoy: “Quote from Bohemianation: “Listen cabron, I have played 2 Z games and won them both, personally I found them easier than other games since zombies take out most of the competition for you and you just have to take back their land. I say it is easier because you do not suffer penalties for having too many wars going on. ” ” ” I'm not sure I insulted anyone, and even if I did how that relates to my skill level? You don't know my stats…

  • Every "Tool" has its purpose. These are tools of war; is a screw driver better than a hammer? Well we all know Duct Tape is way OP; besides that select the right tool to meet your objectives / situation.

  • Quote from Jim Lake: “Elite buoys. Now hear me out. It sounds stupid and technically that’s because it is but here’s the idea… they are basically just stationary radars at sea which kinda already exists, so make them explode too if enemy ships cross them (like a minefield but limit damage similar to cruise missiles and deployment count to like 5). Also no radar signature and nothing reveals them besides maybe naval officer. ” I have proposed this idea. Ive actually deployed that on one Rising ti…