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  • Quote from JohnFKennedy: “1. Do they increase attack range of units? ” It does for anti-air units. Kind of.

  • Quote from xXWolfXx: “Also what you said about notifications of radar contacts next time you log on people can have it be so they get notification alerts on their phone for in-game events so that would and could contribute to this. ” Personally, I wouldn't mind that. If the radar sees you, it sees you. There are ways of avoiding radar already in the game. And anyway, you could still game the mechanics, if that's what you want to do: you could send repeated dummy-runs through their radar to spam …

  • Quote from xXWolfXx: “Radars by themselves already give an advantage. Adding notifications to that advantage would be way too op. Thinking in your opponents place wouldn't you be annoyed that the enemy was able to know immediately if any of your troops passed through somewhere? Crazy annoying! No surprise attacks or thoroughly thought out invasions if your opponent has this ability. Now that you think about it do you see how it may be unfair to some and an over advantage to others? All in all it…

  • Quote from Flavius Popa: “there should be a possibility to make peace with the AI. ” This part, I agree with. I think an arbitrary limit on the number of wars you can declare is not such a good idea.

  • I think it would have to be more than 5. Probably at least 10, actually. Otherwise it could get really frustrating.

  • Quote from Flavius Popa: “IMO, should be implemented a limit for a maximum number of countries that you can declare war simultaneously. ” For that to work, there would probably have to be a more straight-forward way of making peace with the AI, otherwise you might find yourself unable to declare war on a nation that is attacking your ally or something - which would be annoying. What sort of maximum number did you have in mind? In Call of War: 1942 you can get the AI countries to change their dip…

  • Quote from BadActor: “Idk how this works I try everything and still can’t make ” Elite units like the Swarm UAV have to be unlocked by gaining points during the appropriate 'Season'. If you didn't unlock them at that time, then you won't be able to build them. Might that be the problem?

  • The thing that they allow you to do is quickly capture empty territory around the flanks of your enemy's main forces. That in turn allows you to move your forces (air or ground) in those areas without the enemy seeing them. This can be quite useful. They are not good at fighting, though. But if you pair one airborne inf with 4 other air-assault units (Spec Ops or TDs), then they can be good for capturing territory that is garrisoned by small numbers of enemy units. They work best with a wider ai…

  • Low Naval Signature

    WalterChang - - Questions & Answers


    Can the AWACS detect the invisible Naval Officer?

  • This is why Corvettes need Low radar sig at higher levels - it would allow them to sneak into range of bigger ships and hit&run them in shallow waters. And actually take advantage of their CM launch ability.

  • Quote from Opulon: “Starting from level 1, the East GH has 2 more HP (17 vs 15), and +1 soft damage, if i'm not wrong. They are definitely buffed. ” No, they're the same. Eastern and Western Gunships have identical stats all the way through the research tree. (I haven't checked EU, because I'm not running a game with that atm).

  • The way I look at it, Gunships are probably the best early game unit for quick expansion (except the EAA, ofc). After that, there's more of a choice to make over whether to focus on Helis, SFs or artillery as your main damage-dealing weapon. And that depends on things like geography, terrain, opponents' builds, and what sort of mood you're in. Ultimately, I think it comes down to risk: Strike Fighters are more of a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none type unit. They are more versatile, but they ca…

  • They need some sort of base where they can refuel and rearm between sorties. You might as well call it an airbase. They could change it so that different types of aircraft need certain levels of airbase in order to operate - like Heavies need level 3, Fighters need Level 2, Helis and Naval Fighters only need Level 1. But that might be a bit annoying, and they'd have to introduce new tiers for the provincial Airfields to allow for it.

  • Quote from PaquitoFranco: “First of all Ceuta and Melilla do not apear in de map, perhaps they are much bigger than Gibraltar. Plus Gibraltar is a COLONY and the gibraltareños do not have same rights than The rest of british territories. Ceuta and Melilla are as spanish as Madrid or Cadiz and they have same status and same rights than the rest of spanish people. Ceuta and Melilla were spanish 300 before Morrocow evento exist. Just learn some history pls. ” I've lived in Spain for a few years (in…

  • The short answer is: Don't. A slightly longer answer is: Don't, because Swarm UAVs are terrible. A slightly more helpful answer is: Deployable Gears are in the 'Seasons' tab of the Mobilization menu; you need a Secret Weapons Lab to build them; they are a waste of resources, though.

  • Strategies For Brazil?

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    Quote from KoopKoopyGuy: “The Strike Fighters will give a great advantage if the troops are slow in the jungle. ” Yeah, I'd go for Strike Fighters. Helicopters are good in places like Europe or SE Asia, where there are lots of provinces tightly grouped together; but in South America where everything is spread out, the range of the SF becomes much more necessary.

  • Strategies For Brazil?

    WalterChang - - General Discussion


    Use the terrain to your advantage. If it takes you a long time to move your units around through the big jungle regions, it'll take even longer for your enemies. Use airports to shuttle your forces to where they're needed, and only build units with airlift capability - at least to start with. Do not even think about building tanks. (that goes for playing any country, really, but with Brazil their inherent flaws are exaggerated even more than usual.)

  • Perhaps. I suppose Spain will be giving Melilla and Cueta back to Morocco at the same time? Oh, and the Canary Islands, while they're at it.

  • For the purposes of the game, I guess it wouldn't matter very much. There are plenty of other inaccuracies in terms of national borders. But it would make more sense to just remove Gibraltar from the game map altogether, rather than have it included in the wrong country.