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  • Would be great if research could be slotted in the production queue. This allows for the resources to be set aside appropriately as well as planning of research for the future. Do not let that get in the way of making it so we can select something from any slot in the production queue and move it to any place in the queue we want rather than having to click them up and down one at a time which is ludicrous. THAT should precede slotting research. Both would be most excellent.

  • Yeah, this is a total attempt at nerfing what minuscule fight the AI has. Sharing a border before declaring? I mean if one country way over there understands your slash and burn approach sucks everyone under eventually then heck yeah they can declare as an attempt to slow you down. Most players fail to realize such declarations are a prime strategy to slowing and even stopping the rapid-growth "aggressive" player (often but not always referred to as a Goldie). Get enough and his expansion turns …

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    Quote from d3v1lish: “Same issues here, the search and organisation view of new games is a bit incomplete. Sometimes you find newer games on bottom, not necessarily on day two. The search box needs some work. It needs to filter out properly what you search for. And now lately new games with available slots , show up with 0 slots / no slots available. Just to underline these minor annoyances. Regarding to the topic, it's a bit of hit and miss, when there's new games they sometimes fill up quite q…