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  • Quote from Red Snapper: “Thx for clarifying tho. I mainly use Facebook but sometimes Instagram as well... maybe co should consider promoting there? ” Worry not - those advertisements are official. To answer some topics here; We have been on and off the CoN facebook account, frankly, our audience doesn't engage on that platform aside from private groups and channels which our outside of our realm. Reddit has good mods and we do post on it for exclusive events, opportunities, polls, etc. Albeit no…


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    1666797171_news_images_25554.jpgWWZ & WWZ 4x The undead are back taking the world by storm! A special treat in time for the Halloween weekend. Units will haunt your maps for this weekend only, having no gameplay impact and acting purely as visuals. This weekend-only, the Zombified Map - WWZ returns to put your skills and cooperation prowess to the test.This infectious game mode is guaranteed to be like no other game you've ever played. Give it a try, but be warned, if you let the horde fester, y…

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    forum and conflict of nations are two separate accounts, the CoN username cannot be changed


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    Quote from JohnFKennedy: “Cool! Waiting for the US store. ” It's official - the US store is officially online! We'll announce it to the players soon, in the meantime have at it!

  • Dear players, When making posts and announcements, the addressment never specifies just how many of you there are. We're ecstatic to see just how many new players are joining CoN and have done so in months past! With the influx of new players we've been seeing, a new responsibility is placed on the team to make sure all systems are able to handle the load, specifically on the server side. Largely, this has been a success and we have maintained stability throughout. This past week we saw issues c…

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “Actually the user took a lot of efford by making this nice pictures and explaining what he expected and what he found. ” The image has nothing to do with the new client, and is his disappointment with the way the game was marketed vs what ingame visuals look like. I cannot speak for that, since I have no control over marketing. The comments on mobile don't say anything constructive. Quote from Zozo001: “Response was underwhelming, I must say. ” I'd be hard pressed to fi…

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “that dorado should really learn from... ” Yes we absolutely are using the unit as a learning opportunity, as is with everything else we do, we naturally analyse and review


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    Quote from Zozo001: “who really cares about these pumped up stats? Or the seasons leaderboard, in general? ” Agreed, but we're making due until we get representative stats/leader boards. Once the new client comes around we will push for this to be included on the roadmap for CoN. Quote from Zozo001: “Aside from the supposedly interesting seasons announcements (which read mind-numbingly superficial to me), ” Less for interest, and moreso an official indicator that the season has ended. While putt…

  • Constructive feedback goes a long way, rather than just saying something is bad. As I said, the user experience and interface will be revised for Desktop, and not simply copy/past to desktop from mobile. I cannot address your concerns or gripes if you resort to elementary ways of criticism.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “I'm suing if Elite Paper Airplane doesn't become the S9 unit. ” That is the deployable unit for the Elite Nation... you know what.. I've said too much

  • It was confirmed on Discord that Seasonal National Guard will be making their debut for S9. This is totally legit and not fabricated at all. Trust me. For real. Like, super seriously.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Any progress regarding the fusion of clients @Yak ? ” At this stage I'm organizing documentation pertaining to player priorities, and requests. At a later stage I'll issue polls to get statistics. Other than that right now there isn't else to show as work on in-map (not home menu) is still in very early stages.

  • Quote from TheWorldEnder: “Every month or so the updates are released, supposedly bringing some changes, breaking the game in the process, and at the end things keep mostly the same. I mean, I know its hard work, I should know better coz Im a developer myself, but Im still dont get the point of the city reduction update being nothing else more than: less resources = more gold spending. ” I've already made a statement on the city count change.

  • Quote from The Ewac: “Fun update. by any chance were you able to fix the issue where you can produce units at 40% building HP? ” A fix will be in our next update planned for next week

  • 1661433058_news_images_25021.jpg + + + + DEV LOG: 22 + + + +Commanders! It's your local friendly Community lead here - Yak. When I'm no where to be found on our platforms, it's safe to say we're all giving headaches to the developers and producers! (They are happy to oblige) Why you might ask? Well! The designers are cooking up quite some spicy dishes, with an entree of assorted (and exquisite) taste breakers; I'm excited to disclose what's on the menu for the coming months from the rag tag bunc…

  • Quote from playbabe: “Here is public document about issue with current mobile to help guide the transition. ” I've said this outside of the forum, but thank you for the documents! Quote from 575-Kranzegrad: “So... if i am right it, that entire desktop model have become to iphone model (only; creating new account)? if it's true? ” It depends what you mean by that. Technically, no. We will be updating the graphics (Sea, provinces, user interface art style) to look much closer to mobile. But, we wi…

  • Quote from Zozo001: “I am glad you say that. I just wish it was clear from the announcement that, as you say, the mobile version would be improved toward that of the desktop experience. ” I tried to be very clear in the following snippet: Quote from Yak: “... We are working very closely with the community to address any issues for the Beta launch, to ensure that the new transition is seamless and pleases our core playerbase, which is found on Desktop(Web). I want to make it absolutely clear, we …

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Could you still answer the quesitons on this thread (if there are any)? Since I think it wasn't clear to all the forum members that the other thread was for the questions. ” Yes, questions in either thread will be answered Quote from Zozo001: “Quote from ewac123: “... mobile players have to suffer... ” That's the case across the board, alas. ” CoN is native to desktop, and PC play. In no way was it designed for the Mobile audience. The port to mobile is just that, adapting …

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “(i.e, they never let the community ask the questions they wanted, they just made it more confusing by making a separate thread which got closed, whilst everyone is using the original thread to express doubts/questions ” This is not the thread you are looking for. There were some technical complications with the old thread (thanks burningboard) That said I opened again. Much will be answered in the coming week or so

  • Update - Patch Notes 2206.13

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    Quote from TheGENOC1D3R: “I'm of the same opinion as you. They told us the "collecting data" excuse just to calm the waters, but if they really were eager to actually collect helpful data, why to stop so long at the very first step, why wont they add more cities to every country, (at least one or two more to the original count). That will certanly help to collect data too, and to compare how people likes to play better, and which city count-set people abandone more often their games But I bet th…