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Sengoku, List of Countries (territories), How Many Cities, & Doctrines, etc.

33 +1 649


"Unknown Error:-94",Message Received When Trying to Join New Games

3 +1 1,071

Im On Smoko

Your Russian In game Perspective?

63 +2 4,832

david roro

Question about leveling up officers and building placement in different locations

7 505


Can a stealth detecting unit be used in conjunction with a an anti air unit to detect and defend against stealth?

2 342

Im On Smoko

Commander Helper Toggle On / Off option please

0 +1 203

SAM launcher tactics feedback

8 891

Im On Smoko

Rethinking Gold System, Bounty Concept Epiphany & Dorado Makes More $

2 +1 366

Im On Smoko

Adapting to crappy coalition members play.

11 +1 1,173

Im On Smoko

Audio of The Game

0 217

How did you discover Conflict of Nations?

13 1,701


If you use spies against an AI country will they declare war on you?

13 1,614

Im On Smoko

Should Security Council Membership Include a Research Que?

8 +1 973


Left Click & Shift (PC version) for aircraft to join together / stack.

0 +2 371

Should Cruise Missiles be Their Own Technology Line & Not a Branch off of the Ballistic Missiles?

2 640


What is your K/D ratio?

23 4,118


Before there was CON, there was this to play.

9 +4 2,135


Does This Technique Work to Generate New Games Under The New Games Tab

4 985

Dealer of Death

Submarine Officer's Effect on Ballistic Missiles Launched from a Ballistic Missile Sub

1 695


Coalition Question: Making a player the leader, Is there a count down?

2 446

Im On Smoko