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  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “It's Kevin "Hart", genius. ” Get a life damn... Correcting every bodies damn mistakes... if you would be nice with it like 'Hey, you know it's Hart not "Heart" right?' But no... you not even just you... yall Forum elders always got to be undermining new players... like they're retarded. Like ok... I'll fix it but, just don't be a jackass and go correcting peoples stuff. There's literally a wall comment you could use. (Excuse my language) …

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “"It's not the country's geography or resources fault that you lost... it's the commander." - Me IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! - Kevin Heart ” It's Kevin "Hart", genius.

  • Quote from Aeneas of Troy: “Here is a rough outline for a country with multiple naval cities, leads to a pretty balanced economy. NGs, ASF, EEA/SF, Corvette, Frigates, Naval Officer, Radar, Sams, Rocket Launchers, NASF/NSF, Cruisers. ” Nice, except for this abomination.

  • Quote from KFGauss: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “KFG won't be happy until he's reduced the game to equations. K2/x -[h7 + 2h-34] ” Knowledge is power. Also - Clarifying how things work and letting people experiment with the result, sort of does the exact opposite of what you seem to be saying. That's because the part of the game that can't be turned into a simulation full of equations is precisely each player's on-the-fly cleverness, adaptability, strategic thinking/planning skills, and poker-p…

  • KFG won't be happy until he's reduced the game to equations. K2/x -[h7 + 2h-34] oh no! you sunk my battleship!

  • Doctrine skin ?

    Dealer of Death - - Suggestions


    Lol at the Graphics junkies

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “Don't spam threads of sub-par suggestions. forehead-slap-slapping-forehead.gif (I'm turning into @KFGauss) (Is this what happens when you're a general?) ”…0dc8fcd9662b1de51a8d6bbf6

  • The Mobile Version sucks! If you like it, you should be publicly shamed and shunned as long as you use it more than 10% of the time. It is a visual assault, the equivalent of a belt sander to the eyeballs. Not because it is hideous, but because it is ridiculously cartoonish. And to add insult to injury, there's the semi realistic clouds that fly by (based on comparison to unit speeds) at the realistic thousands of miles an hour . Yak says they are moving toward that, and I mourn as I can not thi…

  • Quote from ERehyDAErLA: “Why? That would make Egypt a poor country, when in reality its not. Im going to make another thread about the incorrect Egyptian doctrine ” So you are saying it should be a 1 city non playable country? OK, cool, I'm OK with that.

  • Nah, they should take another city and let them have 5.

  • Quote from JohnFKennedy: “Oh no, arguing again? Oh well at least we arent arguing about nationalist views but about a sport in which people kick a black-and-white round object. ” I'm not arguing, I'm presenting facts. Facts are not open to influence by oratory constructions, they are as they are. You don't have to like them, but you can't legislate reality and you can't argue against truth. (well you can try as it is a possible course of action, but it's as effective as herding cats from dolphin…

  • Quote from WalterChang: “There are several varieties of football in the world. Each of them tends to be called "football" by the people who play or watch it. In Britain, if you refer to the game as "Association football" you're likely to get a similar reaction to what you would expect if you referred to your car as an "automobile", or to a movie as a "cinematograph", in everyday conversation: ie. you'll get laughed at. If you refer to it as "soccer", you're likely to get the word parroted back t…

  • ECOnomy or Army

    Dealer of Death - - Questions & Answers


    KFG: self appointed arbiter of emotional justice

  • Quote from Red Snapper: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Red Snapper: “Fine, “soccer” for you dummy. ” No need for personal insults. ” Ok, just thought you would be smart enough to know that ” Oh, I knew what you meant, just wanted to point out in an obtuse way that you referring to soccer as football is wrong, no matter how many millions of others are also wrong. Soccer, or futbol was codified as a game with it's rules AS "Association Football", NOT "Football" which was codified several…

  • Quote from Red Snapper: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Red Snapper: “Bro, the only thing I know about Croatia is that they have a killer football team ” Really? How many Super Bowls have they won? 'Cause I ain't seeing it.Z ” Fine, “soccer” for you dummy. ” No need for personal insults.

  • No, they are coated in Quantum hydrophobic polymers, and actually float 34 planck lengths above the water on a 11 dimensional tensor string field.

  • Quote from Pentabuksus2: “oh shoot, I never noticed that. but you are correct. In that case I vote to change the TA so it has a low radar sig! ” No, sorry, Low Radar Profile TA didn't have enough signatures to get on the ballot.

  • Square root map

    Dealer of Death - - Suggestions


    Quote from Telerik: “CON claims realistic maps and so many small countries are deserted as they sux . Or huge land mass like Russia or China has 7 cities same as Poland and Canada even has 5 on 100 maps ,and hard to defend . Or a player from Mongolia with 3 million population successfully invading Chinas 1443 millions . In order to make all countries attractive but keep realistic about big countries i world propose SQUARE ROOT MAP We assume all humans are equal in abilities, but we put penalties…

  • Quote from Red Snapper: “Bro, the only thing I know about Croatia is that they have a killer football team ” Really? How many Super Bowls have they won? 'Cause I ain't seeing it. Z

  • Dev Log #23

    Dealer of Death - - News and Updates


    Quote from Opulon: “They did release overpowered units here and there, but not really on purpose, and it's why balancing is a thing. About the EAA unplayable, it's a player skill issue in my opinion. The thing was incredibly strong to the point i threw in the bin attack helicopters, gunships, and strike fighters together, to only make EAA because anyone with a few brain cell and acdess to a calculator could conclude that it would be idiotic "not to produce them". Now they are still S-tier, they …