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  • What is this guy doing?

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    Looks like he is losing.

  • Goodbye :(

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    @WednesdayAddams I sincerely believe you should reach out for professional help and / or focus on your health. To be blunt, you created many hot mess posts and comments, often times directed at members of a contentious, bickerous if not cantankerous forum. It seems you got the attention you craved but did not expect members you took shots at to clap back. "Too many haters, make it just not fun for people like me." A person shakes a bees nest and does not expect to be stung? A person provokes a p…

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “To be honest I'm kind of one of those players... when I see a rouge state in the enemies backyard, I'll attack it use it as a base and then attack them from behind. I don't do the cheap land grab, when you're faster than your ally and take the enemies cities. giphy.gif ” If a player plays poorly and consistently lets cities go rogue, I will poach them. Especially if they are near my territory and even more so in World War Z or Rising Tides games.

  • Quote from WezzyMan: “Hey Guys. Yeah title pretty much sums it up, im tired of these coalition ally's just sitting back and then spounging off your wars/countries when you have the upperhand, like, leave my shit only dude go find your own. I get if if an ally is in trouble an needs help, but too many players just sit back wait till you overwhelm a player and then grab a city or two and screw up my pretty borders. Not only that, sometimes I prepare for days to invade an active player only for a c…

  • Two Romanias

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    This is what happened. Romania had a civil war and split up: - Part of the country chose Andrew Tate and his incel army of wanna be, top G, macho pick up artists to lead them to glorious battle. - The other half of Romania rallied behind Greta Thunberg and her climate coalition, training special ops squirrels and chipmunks to spring at the neck region and gnaw at the jugular vein. 63ac8c35a51b3d00185b10ac

  • What is Russia doing?

  • Cool. Sounds like a fun read. Good luck. Doesn't Norway in FP have two fuel cities? I usually do not need an abundance of fuel, so Norway would not be a country I would want to use.

  • Team KFG vs Team D4

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    Hmmm, Would it not be more fun having forum members play together in a coalition vs other random players? We all know each other via the forum. We all have an interest / passion for the game. We all have used this forum to gain knowledge to be better players. You all have MUCH more in common vs the casual lunkhead public player. Playing with someone on the same team or coalition will be a learning experience. You may bond over the game via great communication, teamwork, strategies and tactics, w…

  • Dorado Games is receptive to customer suggestions and feedback. I think this is something they expressed interested in developing in the form of amphibious assault ships. Using the above mentioned units along with marines and amphibious assault vehicles would definitely enhance the game. Likewise, it would be fun to be able to launch special operations units from advanced submarines as well.

  • South America (WW3)

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    I like Brazil. It has more cities thus more resources, uses the European doctrine & close to a few small AI countries. The downside of Brazil is that it has many port cities, so building a navy is a must. Likewise, it is also has large difficult terrain for ground units to move through, so airfields and airports are a good buildings to construct for defense or land invasions of neighboring countries. Although the difficult terrain can help you if and when you are attacked or invaded via land. Ch…

  • Try just taking mostly provinces and maybe a city or two for a few game days, where you are not killing as many civilians. Focus on selecting a few cities that have resources that you need / want. Some units do much less damage to the civilian population. For example, helicopter gunships vs bombers. Use units that do less damage to civilians for a while. Slow down your missile attacks, while restocking & be more selective or measured with future missile attacks.

  • In most public games I do not need to build an army base & recruitment center in every city. However, if I have active hostile neighbors that can change. For example, if I have a city which is inside my territory that is in a central land locked relatively safe location, near other home cities that have an army base, recruitment center or airbase, I may just build out an arms industry and keep some units in or near the city to guard it. After playing several games and analyzing how other compete…

  • Losing with Gold

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    Quote from Gohda: “i wanted to ask that poster in the other thread (confession of a gold user) but i didn't see a reply button. but he said he knew about unit stacking, balancing army/strategies, etc. but was still fearful in many games even though he spends 1 million to few million per game. am i not understanding how gold works? that amount means near infinite gold actions, right? he seems like he's a knowledgeable player because he said other players need the knowledge to beat him. ” There ma…

  • Quote from playbabe: “Here a trick, Separate your AA. order it to move out of city. Wait for 2-3 minute, Stop them. -> If they merged back to other unit in city, try again but longer waiting -> If they doesn't, Check if they have Entrenchment bonus -------> If yes, Congret! Your AA will still apply point defeinse to city but it now won't stack to unit in city -------> If not, welp it go too far, Go back and repeat again ” Yes! I should have thought of mentioning this. I learned a trick to have u…

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “the weak spot if elite fregatees is land damage. si a couple if good placed artillery and the game is over ” Yes. That could work. I haven't had an opportunity to use the unit yet. But in my analysis of it, It seems that the ability to launch helicopters from the ships to attack ground targets made up for the gun damage that the ship could deliver on its own. Thoughts?

  • Try to time an attack with air units that do damage to buildings on his airfields or airbases when his EAAs are refueling. Consider using the fixed wing air officer. If you do research the fixed wing officer, use the patrol command to attack multiple ground units. Likewise, consider using naval ASFs as a beefier alternative to the ASFs. Some players use special forces to attack air units while they are refueling on the ground. In terms of his elite frigates, using a stack of upgraded subs with i…

  • Quote from Sgniappo: “so i'm in an apoc map, and have a dilemma on hospital location vs air defenses. I always build my hospital in my capital. But there's where i also need to put the primary anti-air and missile defenses. My concern is that the hospital tends to be overcrowded (i play NG, so there's often 10+ units in there for pre-deployment healing), and i fear that stacking all of those units needing healing with my anti-air and missile defenses would reduce their effectiveness. Like, right…

  • Quote from TheDeletedElite: “Quote from Im On Smoko: “Quote from goth y boi: “? ? ? question is in the title ” To answer your direct question with a helpful direct answer:At the main CoN start page there will be a SEASONS tab near the top, click that. Then look over to the right of the screen, just below the graphic displaying the current season unit you should see a bar graph that says "Permanent Unlock Points". You need to achieve 1,500 of these points before the season ends to keep the season…

  • Quote from goth y boi: “? ? ? question is in the title ” To answer your direct question with a helpful direct answer: At the main CoN start page there will be a SEASONS tab near the top, click that. Then look over to the right of the screen, just below the graphic displaying the current season unit you should see a bar graph that says "Permanent Unlock Points". You need to achieve 1,500 of these points before the season ends to keep the season unit. EDIT: **You need to achieve those points befor…

  • Quote from TheDeletedElite: “I havent seen much of these situations in my games. Then again, I've only been playing for like 4 months so... It was interesting to read that tho. ” I used to engage in more banter / post articles when I play CoN. But the appeal is just not there anymore & at times can get you some unwanted attention. Most of the time now I use CoN news to announce / advertise what I have for sale in the stock market.