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  • Quote from Tifo_14: “Nobody likes a narcissist. ” giphy.gif

  • Narcissist.... Quote from KFGauss: “I'm wiser than you ” Quote from KFGauss: “I didn't want to just say the OP should stop being so lazy, stop spamming threads, and look up the answer for himself. ” He said "I and I'm" Ok that's narcissist. #Enlightenment = Power

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “I am an old white men… ” Gross...

  • Quote from - desert fox-: “After thoroughly reading theyr ideas, ive come to the conclusion that they are inferior to mine ” Do you feel the power! DO you feel the Enlightenment power in you! Work with me and we'll smite thee! Composite-image-Enlightenment-thinkers-Descartes-Diderot-Hegel-Rousseau-Voltaire.jpg

  • Playable nations

    The Destroyer 4 - - Maps


    If you get the joke: It means that Taiwan would be a prom target for China (Especially Chinese Nationalist) and will be quickly taken over. Maybe a target for Japan, Vietnam, Phillipenes, Indonesia, ect. Cramming all those cities in a area as KFG said is almost unplayable...

  • Playable nations

    The Destroyer 4 - - Maps


    Quote from ftyus: “Make Taiwan a playable nation, to let users game a better reflected reality, cause Taiwan is not just a nobody of a military, their army's strength should be better reflected. ” People playing as China: giphy.gif

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “i dont wanne kfg here but this is not a new idea. Did you search the forum? Do you have additional ideas to the concepts already mentioned there? Landmines, vehicles that lay them, way to counter them and how they might be implemented…eNo=2&highlight=landmines ” NOO we cant lose kurt to the darkness! Speak to me kurt! Speek to me! god why. PLZ KURT NO!

  • But you ain't gonna get the majority of replies hyped up for the unit, without the proper details the devs wont consider it... and users won't like it either. The foundation is ok... but you missing a lot of details.

  • Well my friend... This is a new-ish update with refueling for aircraft... There's a fuel limit (Varied for different Aircraft) that has a time for hwo long the plane is going to stay up for. So that you wont be patrolling forever. A big nerf for many heavy units... (Awac, Naval Awac, Naval Patrol Aircraft)

  • Get out gunned by questions! giphy.gif You miss the many concepts that you need to create a unit, I think I missed a few myself.

  • *COUGH* 1. What is the damage of the mines... 2. Is there a time limit?... (Between every "2" mines)... 3. Are you able to Research the Unit?... if so how long would it take to make a tier 1, 2, 3, 4... 4. What are the doctrines for each mine?... (ie: Western mine: M-16 mine, European mine: Fladdermine, Eastern mine: PFM-1 mine.) 5. Are there tiers for the mines?... (like damage, radius, shock bonus) 6. Are there varied mines?... (ie: Anti-personal Mines, and Anti-Tank mines) 7. What type of ter…

  • AdoredFarawayIndianskimmer-max-1mb.gif Or a Croatian trying to sell cheap clothing.

  • You know all this is gonna make it harder to get stuff done... NO-ONE is trying to do all those calculations just to attack a ground unit. I want unrealistic fun... not realistic un-fun... Go play COD for not fun realism.

  • oh-my-god-laughing.gif

  • Quote from KFGauss: “that you've simply decided to dislike an entire country of people. Neither is a good thing. ” Exactly what he been saying about Croatians the last few month has had a heavy racial tone to it... We all have are racial tendencies... but at-least don't make it public...

  • Quote from Red Snapper: “Whenever a new crogaytian nationalist spammer comes here, I get the feeling they're putting a curse on this forum in some way. ” I don't think you want to say that... It has a racial tone against Croatian's... Nationalism in most cases is a bad thing but silencing them knowing you're not there race. Has a little racist tone to it. The curse part is crazy...

  • FDR.jpg FDR Vibes... from this post. But why write this... you're clogging up my fialling cabinet.

  • 1. With submarines it depends on the radar signature on the ship itself... if it has a high signature for submarines it can see it farther... if it has a low it doesn't see it well. (Ps. There is a type of Seasonal Stealth Submarine that mos ships can't see) 2. It might defer on the submarine type, like the upgrades needed to get longer range missiles (ie. Ballistic Missiles) So you might need to upgrade the Missile Submarine 3. There might be torpedoes in the game, like how else is a submarine …

  • Forum Pet Peeves

    The Destroyer 4 - - General Discussion


    MY pet peeve also is when a full grown adult argues with a 12 yr old... when the person has the ability to ignore and not go on that child's level.

  • I want fronts for Riga, Latvia to Odessa, Ukraine... that lasts 7-15 days... with a 25-40 varied units. Not war fronts from Berlin, Germany to Leipzig, Germany that last 1-3 days... not with 7-19 singular unit type.