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  • Time to say goodbye

    kurtvonstein - - General Discussion


    I might check back if I find no better game to waste my free time

  • Quote from The Good Side: “The real slaves are the ones that wake up 5-7 days out the week and go destroy their mental capacity at a school house, learning stuff that they don't need in life. I go to school doing a 8:15 to 3:00 so much work and walking and drama on the daily. ” School is not about teaching you stuff. Its about Aquiring the skill to learn stuff. In a good school they give your the tools and concepts about organizing yourself and planning for a task and execuing it. Then they give…

  • i took the consequences

  • Time to say goodbye

    kurtvonstein - - General Discussion


    Ok this is my time now to say Good Bye. In the light of the latest changes I just feel like my interests and the ones of the dev team of CoN are developing in different directions. There are lots of bugs that bother me that never get solved to and features they I find usefull that never get attented. So as in every relationship you have to evaluated if it can change and end it when it gets no perspective. I wish you all a nice time, live your lifes happy and peace. And let this war simulation be…

  • no actually it strengthen airforce. cause your airforce can escape as to before it was sitting in a trap. thia strengthen helicopters as the dont deatroy the infrastructure aa much so planes stay on ground longer(inactive enemy )

  • Thank you for the confirmation of our conservations. Still this doesnt change a very odd behaviuor. I mean the airport is crashed. wh can airplanes escape? You killed a valid strategy to punished refueling aircraft.

  • what the hack. who looks at those statistics?. what brings me to the point that Inuave heard much of @Kalrakh lately. Anyway. I need to go to boost Likes…

  • The battle is neber the problem. but keeping the territory without insurgents is the problem. nowadays more then ever. US learned their lessen in korea and vietnam. And then they forgot. So they needed a refresh of memory in Afghanistan. Niw russiaij Ukraine. All these guys dont unserstand that you cannot surpress people with power anymore(at least longterm). there exist better ways. The real slaves are the ones getting up every morning to work their ass of for their morgage.

  • No help from support

    kurtvonstein - - General Discussion


    I guess they have a lot of issues with their brand new features…

  • I’ve got a question

    kurtvonstein - - Questions & Answers


    Quote from SROL: “unless the hand of god did it .... ” The more I zhink about it I should have called it Hand of Go(l)d.


    kurtvonstein - - Suggestions


    Quote from Kamikaza: “This game is in Javascript, so developers can add miner code in webside pages of game. And get money without gold$) ” your a great hacker. ever heard of server side data validation? sure the computing power is shifted towards the client with javascript. but none of your actions is computed unverified by the server. you could hack yourself 1 million gold to skip the client side validation for a premium function but as soon as you send the action to the server, the server wil…

  • combat range? same as ferry a helicopter on a carrier. this worked for me also only within combat range. this mean I will reprase my initial topic.

  • Patch Notes 2302.28

    kurtvonstein - - News and Updates


    I just noticed an other funny effect.I had a stack of 1 recon, 1 inf and 1 NG. I aurlifted them. the stack waa separate in 3 different transports.Problem: I dont zhink they will merge at the port of destination. and they are a perfect overstacking target for enemy fighters.

  • so there are 2 effects? they disappear or they relocate?

  • what exactly did you test?

  • Quote from playbabe: “huh they should relocate tho. ” theyonly relocate while in air. on the ground they only relocate into the digital nirwana. one way ticket.

  • Quote from Aeneas of Troy: “I was just on the receiving end of one of these tactics, cost me 4 perfectly good ASF. It’s dangerous to place aircraft in hospitals… ” Thank you for sharing!

  • dont so this the first corvette is sometimes my MVP. moat kills cause many player dont bother scouting before putting all their landunita into tge water…it takes ages to kill thise stacks but evtuelly zhey die

  • That is some points

    kurtvonstein - - General Discussion


    Quote from Aether: “Did the man killed Jesus or something?…3b133ceafc644af190c3308a7 ” I just fell of my rocking chair. Good one sport.

  • @Germanico is back… Ohh no…it was only a meme. Through a giod one.