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  • Quote from Zozo001: “Quote from BlackStarMedia: “Battleground USA, Golders are few and far between and usually, people are online. ” ROTFLMAO ” Just cause I like the map doesn't mean you have to.

  • Time to say goodbye

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    We will miss you, I am getting tired of these new changes as well. I might be boogying out of here too soon too.

  • After playing a bit with this new update I am seriously frustrated that I am not able to destroy the aircraft on an airfield with my MLRS, strike fighters, etc. Now I am even having to build several more airfields than usual out of fear of losing my stacks because of this new behavior.

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from BlackStarMedia: “Battleground USA, Golders are few and far between and usually, people are online. Although there is still every once in a while when a folder comes into play. Also there are often times 1-2 good players in each of the games that make good enemies to go up against. ” Something like this?…651d8d7ed30ceab4b4876f822 ” Yes, but those borders are too clean!! You have to ruin them!! lol

  • Missing unit skins

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    Quote from Diippi: “What I'm trying to say is that even though you upgrade some units, their appearance won't change. I took images of Mobile SAM Launchers as an example. And it's not just that their appearance won't change in the research tab but also when you mobilize those units. It's the same for MLRS and Naval Patrol Aircraft to give two more examples. The images to clarify what I'm trying to say:……651d8d7…

  • Battleground USA, Golders are few and far between and usually, people are online. Although there is still every once in a while when a folder comes into play. Also there are often times 1-2 good players in each of the games that make good enemies to go up against.

  • Quote from Aeneas of Troy: “They just disappeared, not even on the news… It is possible that perhaps I missed something, I was offline when it happened. But I couldn’t find anything on the reports. ” same thing happened to me. They came up as "destroyed" in my notifications

  • Quote from kurtvonstein: “It has happened. At last. The most fearsome feature in CoN has been released: The Hand of God. A feature that instantly kills units by spending a certain amount of gold. How? Let me explain. Since the latest Patch 2302.08 the system will kill any grounded Airraft as soon as the Airfield were they are parked gets destroyed. So how is the Hand of God working? 1. Wait for the Enemy Aircraft returning to refuel 2. Wait till they land/are grounded 3. Spend xtimes 2500 Gold t…

  • National Guard

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    Quote from FarmerJG: “Are National Guards worth it? Share your strategy here. ” I only ever use the national guard as my infantry. I usually go for strike fighters, SAMs, maybe bombers, and the navy depending on location and enemies. But I have been switching it up to go for national guard with artillery at the beginning of the game while I research MLRS, with AS fighters, and sometimes attack helicopters. It works pretty well. I never go with armored units.

  • Crashed Transport??

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    So I checked in on my current 4x speed apocalypse game when I noticed that an MLRS unit and a national guard unit both came up as "* military unit was unable to land and crashed." I have never seen this message before except for today. Is this a new thing with the update that if an airfield or airbase is destroyed then the units flying there will just crash instead of turning around to the original airport like they used to?

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “Quote from JohnFKennedy: “Quote from Tifo_14: “The Notorious List (most ruthless dictators) - Hitler - Stalin - Leopold - Mao - Hirohito - Castro - Milosevich - Hussein In the 21st century, our job is to recognize the wrongs of the folks listed above, and prevent people like them from coming to power again. ” Fun fact: Mao killed more people than hitler ” And Stalin. And Hirohito. ” Stalin was terrible

  • I agree, It would be nice to be able to play a small nation like Bosnia in the middle of Europe. Certainly, a hard nation to win with, but not impossible with the right technique.

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “Or lord you back! IF NATO would have supplied Ukraine with tanks when the war started donbass night would be taken over by now. ” I think NATO knows more about the situation than we do. I believe they had good reasons for not sending tanks right away.

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Opulon: “As ferociously pro-ukraine i may be, i think the Devs will not thread into such perilous waters, and keep the statu quo of a "separate crimea", leaving then to players ingame to fight to decide who is the owner. ” I would hope tho, if this became true in real life (doubtful) they would eventually comply in-game. ” The way things are shaping up in Ukraine at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if this spring/summer Ukraine regained control of Crime…

  • 6666

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    Quote from WednesdayAddams: “Hey tifo @Tifo_14 Just went to ur wall and i noticed i was the 6666th profile hit! idk if thats lucky but lol, here's a thread for it…651d8d7ed30ceab4b4876f822…651d8d7ed30ceab4b4876f822 ” When I came to the thread and saw the 6666 I thought it was gonna be about the angel number. lol from the book of Mark.

  • I always have great luck with Arizona in any Battlegrounds game. I have played 5 games with Arizona and never lost one.

  • The longest game I had played was a WW3 1x speed game to day 67. I will never do that again

  • Quote from The Destroyer 4: “Quote from xXWolfXx: “Spamming meaningless posts isn't needed and at this point the whole forum is asking you to stop. ” Thx for that nice common - courtesy... even though nothing you said was true, I love it. Here's the Congressional Medal... for the first time ever you had common - courtesy. idk how I'm in the wrong but ok... whatever you sayyy. ” Why do you have to create arguments in 99% of all the threads you are in? lmao If people say things that you don't agre…

  • Quote from Jonthan1232: “Quote from Anna Jija: “Quote from Dude.Perfect: “I had seen a thread from a player who won a solo game 1x speed, for 361 days ” just have to ask, how much research did you get done? ” That player was me I got all of the units to the max, Officers to the max with of my rank, and the seasonal unit to the max but since I don't have the seasonal badges I didn't get the others ” yoyo Johnathan!!

  • I am excited for the coming year in the game! But I am not excited for 2023 for my family. My life is going to change a lot this coming year. Can't wait to see the new graphics update!