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  • Quote from playbabe: “lol, there is 0 of this in beta test ” Well I watched it happening. You can see evidence of it happening, even tho I forgot to mention the other airfield (white box) they should have evacuated to, instead of becoming trucks, which they never do, not again from this point forward, we swear.…213f0c275f9f68588a51c8b60

  • Um, ... yeah, like me too, 4,827,443 gold I think it was.

  • AI is too strong

    Dealer of Death - - Questions & Answers


    Quote from MachForce9: “the game is near unplayable. I hate spending most of the game fighting AI. ” laughing-lol.gif

  • Quote from sirrickydickie: “I have an extra resource counter that I've ever only saw for the first time there (see attached photo). I'm playing Rising Tides x1 ” Well, you're not making any of them anyhow, so ...

  • Quote from Maxim | CM: “We're taking a lot of these comments and feedback into consideration and we'll be addressing these in upcoming updates ” OK, explain this one now. I thought there were no more transport trucks for aircraft? I destroy 1 airbase, helos relocate to another, after they land, I destroy the second one, but instead of relocating to the airfield (yellow circle) they turn into a transport truck????? You know, the thing that doesn't happen anymore. And I was told airfields count fo…

  • When is 10x returning

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    What you say when there's an outbreak of a 10x game: 446b81823a0e3ed88902542d9550131a2ddcdaabaa066fe85f87412b234b1883.jpg

  • New 10x games?

    Dealer of Death - - General Discussion


    Yecch! 10x games, like the AIDS of CoN.

  • Quote from Tom_Cruise: “Quote from Diippi: “Level 5+ radar can also detect stealth aircraft. Could the support unit be that? ” Nope, I don't use radars. ”

  • Quote from sundance175: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from -0-: “That's correct, would be helpful to have that functionality finally working in Mobile ” I prefer there to be mobile problems to discourage hordes of UserXXXXXXs from joining and quitting on day 2 ” Well, when you mostly play Flashpoint and Battleground that is what you get. ” Lately it's all I have the online time to spare, play easy, no attention maps. I still hate mobile.


  • Quote from Mih0: “(sorry for mistake) ” No need, it made me laugh. It's cool, carry on.

  • LOL "blood and money"

  • Quote from Zozo001: “Quote from Diippi: “I would not mind giving mechanized infantry/armor some kind of synergy boost ” Well, aside from the officers (made for precisely such synergic boosting) no other units work that way. And yes, melee is fundamentally weak in this game - a design feature that many of us feel should not be overturned. Part of becoming an experienced player is to learn avoiding melee, rather than trying to reinforce troops for it. ” Incorrect. Eastern Doctrine Elite MBTs also …

  • WTH?

    Dealer of Death - - General Discussion

    Post…213f0c275f9f68588a51c8b60 I don't even know what to say.

  • Quote from Zozo001: “As others have mentioned, the answer depends very much on the type of map. In a plain WW3, I've just achieved an untypically high 2959, although not as individual win ofc (in a coalition that gathered a total of 4342 VP). 937d6b298f19a3f64fca6ca24cf2c654.png ” Wow, all those VP and still not in 1st place. I don't even know how awful negative 1th place is.

  • Quote from Akumage: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Always been that way as far as I know. ” Still a bug ” "Feature"

  • While I have picked 5 city countries from time to time, mainly because I wanted to play as that particular country, a good deal of the time I just want to have a game going and play lazy, so I pick a 7 or 6 city country, so I don't have to resource manage as much. Right now playing 2 games, A Flashpoint 5 city (Cuba) and a BGUSA 7 city (Mexico) Despite the Flash5 having all of North America, part of Iceland, all of africa, iberia, france and Germany, and the BG7 just having everything below Texa…

  • Quote from Zozo001: “Quote from Teburu: “Sounds like a fun gamemode tho; points are awarded for making moves and the piece determines the amount. ” Yeah, all kind of fun games can be thought of - none would be chess anymore, though. ” I remember when I was in college, me and my buddies coming up with "variants" of chess to screw around with while we listened to tunes and got wasted. I remember one variant where you first rolled 2 six sided dice, if the result was anything but a 2-1, you ignored …

  • Quote from Zozo001: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Of course you know there is a whole spectrum of answers depending on your meaning of "the same". ” I am sure a Bill Clinton quote is incoming about what "is" is, is it not? ” LOL, I swear, that's exactly what I had in mind when I composed my reply.

  • Quote from Zozo001: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Are you the same "Striker" as the 23rd Alliance? ” Is the letter "I" the same as "Y"? ” Of course you know there is a whole spectrum of answers depending on your meaning of "the same".