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    • Private Games

      My Question from discord, which I post here for discussion

      People ask for private games quite a bit. CoW has done it but not CoN.
      Dorado could, in theory, provide this service no?

      Let’s say a single server for CoN cost $15USD to run for a period of 1 month
      They could reserve private servers. To rent a server for a month, a player pays $25USD (15 for service, 10 for profit). This can then be simplified: You can buy a “match” for $30USD, which auto ends on day 100

      If demand is stressing the inventory of private servers, increase price (haha kapitalism go brrr) to combat demand.

      Teams like DICE and Bohemia take advantage of this, so why not Dorado? It looks like a clear case of the Customer is Always Right, but perhaps there is something else preventing this? Would the servers simply not support the influx of private games?
      What are your thoughts?
      Yee Haw