Secret Labs improving research speed

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    • Secret Labs improving research speed

      I did a search on the forum I did not find it, my suggestion is what the title says, give say a 5% speed boost to research speed per secret lab level constructed up to a maximum of 30% total research speed boost.

      So if you have a lvl5 and a lvl1 or two lvl3 you achieve the max 30% research speed boost.

    • I do not know how many rares you can produce early game to do what you are suggesting... Barring gold abuse what you say is simply not feasible. But yes golders are gonna gold wither this option is implemented or not and they will do exactly what you suggested missile spam wither this option is implemented or not. I have seen nuke spam on a massive scale as early as day 9 or 10.

      So if understand correctly your concern is that they might get there 12 to 24 hours sooner than they would have if this suggestion was implemented? :D
      IMHO if you have a gold spammer of this caliber in one of your games you have bigger concerns then how fast they can spam nukes to begin with...