Resource province locator

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    • Resource province locator

      Hello, I would like to suggest one of more ways are added to locate and manage resource provinces, and potentially provinces with infrastructure. I am sure many know the nightmare that it is to find your resource provinces, or perhaps nearest province with an airfield or field hospital. In order to provide everyone a quality of life upgrade, I'd like to suggest adding one, or multiple of the following features

      -Ability to switch from province to province (like possible with cities or units)
      -A view that highlights provinces with resources or infrastructure (similar to political view)
      -A tab in the "Cities" tab, where you can browse your provinces, and sort them in the same manner as cities

      Feel free to add more suggestions and generally give your thoughts. If you agree with my suggestion(s) please like and help spread this post

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    • Yes this would be really useful. Like a province menu and how you can sort by like resources in cities do the same thing in provinces and be able to sort by buildings so you could see where you can fly troops in to air fields. I think we also need a ruler that can show like what 400 range is what 500 range is what 900 range is for like planes so you can determine where to build airfields if you want it so it can reach certain areas but be outside of 100 range for ships to attack etc. So like a ruler that you can put on the map and like snap to a province or city and see what different ranges would be from there.
    • Meh, Maybe it's a bigger deal playing on mobile (I wouldn't know, I don't mobile) but I never saw the difficulty in moving around the map looking around and locating them, and in fact, I don't see how anyone can play this game seriously without doing so almost all the time.
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    • playbabe wrote:

      actually the problem is that there are different zoom levels
      and the levels that resources icon appear on the map is too small


      Same with airfields. I go after enemy airports. A good enemy who has resources may then build airfields which are hard to spot. This can work for me as well considering I use airfields.

      Scouring the map to wipe out airfields is like popping zits but less satisfying and gross.