Is it worth it to upgrade Local Industry in Provinces?

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    • Is it worth it to upgrade Local Industry in Provinces?

      I have a Province with a Components resource, and a Level-2 Local Industry which adds +150% Production. Current Component prod is 440. The question is, is it worth it to upgrade to L3 Local Industry?

      Since the province is currently getting a +150% bonus (i.e. 2.5X production) from the L2, the base output is 440/2.5 = 176. The L3 is a +200% bonus (i.e. 3X production) so 176 * 3.0 = 528
      So that's an increase of 528 - 440 = 88. Since it costs 1000 Components to build, it takes 1000 / 88 = 11.4 days to break even (not counting the 1000 supplies and $2500)

      The shorter equation is NewProd = ExistingProd * NewBonus/OldBonus i.e. 440 * 3.0 / 2.5 = 528

      Obviously, the L1 upgrade is essential, but I am unsure of the L2 and L3 upgrades. 11 days seems like a long time to start increasing production.

      Am I wrong?
    • You are not wrong - the answer critically depends on the time horizon. If you are looking for production performance beyond the break even time, then it is worth it. Or if it produces something you need a lot, and it is not the kind that its cost, then it does as well.
      Increasing morale also factors in (although difficult to quantify), as another poster noted already. You definitely want to raise morale, whether or not building the factory.
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