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    • Guide for Content Creators

      Dear Content Creators, we are happy to announce that we now have the means to provide special matches to allow you a better experience to promote the game on your social channels, while ensuring that the game is set up according to your needs. You are kindly requested to fill out this form, upon reading the guidelines.

      This guide is intended to outline the specific game aspects that you can request four your special matches, including an outline of specific maps and scenarios which you can request:

      • The type of map and speed of the map (either normal speed or 4x)
      • Have the map start on a specific date and time, or start it the moment everyone joins
      • The amount of players you would like to have
      • Either free country selection or random selection
      • Peace period (this is separate for players and AI)
      • Ranked or Unranked

      The peace period ensures that players cannot declare wars before a certain timeframe has been surpassed, and can be established separately for wars against other players and for wars against AI nations.

      Should you wish to include any other features which are not in the above list, please let us know and we will discuss accordingly.

      We also have a number of maps and scenarios to choose from when requesting your game. This list might be updated as time goes on so make sure you always stay updated with any changes:

      • Flashpoint
      • Western Theatre
      • Battlegrounds USA
      • World War 3 (this would also include the Apocalypse Scenario)
      • Cold War
      • Blood and Oil
      • Overkill
      • Rising Tides
      • Able Archer

      We can set up password locked games if need be so long as you meet the criteria and conditions.

      Feel free to message @Maxim | CM on Discord should you have any questions. - Maxim_DG_CM#4372

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