New realistic map

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    • I might play this but if all the good countries are taken and I'm left with Algeria, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, basically a weaker country then what am I to do now, even if I am an experienced player I can still be defeated by an AI or new recruit playing as a superpower such as china, India, or america. This game mode would maybe be fun but we have to consider this.
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    • Anikitos wrote:

      Lets say you could have a map that is realistic as far as military power. Will you also demand realistic population, and economies?

      Lets not discuss an obvious reason why no one is going to join the map if USA, Russia or China have already been taken.

      What about population size? An ability to conscript a large army is definitely an advantage. Even though UK might have an advantage in tech tree over India, conscription would definitely be an issue for UK compared to that of India.

      Or take Russia as an example, large military, large number of resources, but corruption and relatively small population is an issue.

      Or take South Sudan as an example, mid population, some resources, but the tech tree is all lvl1 while its neighbors would probably be at lvl 4-5 for its units research tree....

      What about morale? Citizens of some countries aren't likely to sign up for a military service. This is an example of western europe. Should the morale limit be different for diff countries? What about the government type? Authoritarians have an easier time waging war.

      This is quickly becoming a game of Civilization instead of CoN;

      How realistic are we talking about?

      Will this game be any fun?
      I think you're extrapolating too much. The idea would be to start the game with different countries at different levels of military tech and mobilization readiness. Perhaps the city sizes could also be adjusted to better reflect real-world populations as well.

      That's all. No new game mechanics, just different starting conditions. This mode does exist in Call of War WWII, and it is fun to play. The appeal of playing one of the weaker countries is that it provides more of a challenge to experienced players and it encourages more use of diplomacy.