New Agent: Propagandist

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    • New Agent: Propagandist

      Propagandist: Spy type that replaces Corruption spy. Specializes in spreading of misinformation by fake news articles and internet posts
      -Propagandists can be placed in friendly or enemy territory
      -Propagandists will not have an effect for their first day in a province
      -In friendly territory, each propagandist reduces morale penalties by %25 (up to a max of %75, with 3 spies). They do this by downplaying the effects of your actions and convincing the population that you are fighting in the interest of humanity. These can be useful for keeping your cities under control during hard times, such as all out war or committing many civilian casualties. For example: You just launched 6 ICBMs at the enemy’s cities. To prevent your morale from taking a massive hit, you deploy your propagandist to keep things under control. Enemy intel agents deployed to the same province can expose their lies, causing the propagandist to die and the province to receive a morale penalty of -10 for three days. To prevent this, you may want to use counter Ops and propagandists in unison
      -In enemy territory, propagandist will perform a job similar to corruption. They will increase all morale penalties by 25% (There is some truth in every lie). Your propagandist can greatly exaggerate the actions of your enemy and create distrust in their land. They are countered with counter ops, and can still be caught by local authorities. The morale penalty increase cannot be observed by the enemy in the province menu, as it will appear to be the normal number. Either the propagandist will be caught, or the enemy will notice the unusual morale and take action
      -Upkeep is 1K/day
      Yee Haw