New Attribute: Salvo (Limited Missile Stacking)

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    • New Attribute: Salvo (Limited Missile Stacking)

      You may be thinking that this will be a suggestion to allow missile stacking at any time. We all know the implications of stacking missiles, and how it would react with point defense. This is a dangerous idea, but I think it can be implemented in a way that is balanced and ultimately improves the game

      What I am suggesting is a new ability and a partial rework to the Ballistic Missile Submarine. It will only affect two units: The BM sub, and the Cruise Missile Launcher.

      __Cruise Missile Launcher__
      Increased capacity to 2 CM for all levels

      New attribute: Salvo
      Available and consistent throughout all levels
      Desc: Allows the following missiles to be fired in a group
      -Cruise Missile (2X, 16h reload)

      Simple enough. Allows you to launch two cruise missiles together in a stack, with a reload twice as long. The maximum attainable HP is 30
      How will this improve the game?
      -Otherwise useless CM launcher is given new purpose
      -Further justifies the heavy cost of investing in Cruise Missiles
      -High point defense no longer invalidates cruise missiles. A player can punch through, but at a greater cost
      -New counter to naval units. Instead of relying on their own navy or situational NPA to defend their coast, the CM launcher could work instead due to its ability to forcefully pass frigate AA

      __Ballistic Missile Submarine__
      Increase build requirement to level 5 naval base instead of level 4

      Level 5 upgrade: VLS capacity expansion
      “Expansion of the Cruise Missile Launch system allows many more cruise missiles to be launched at once without reloading”
      Increases Cruise Missile Capacity to 2 and adds the attribute: Salvo
      Desc: Allows the following missiles to be fired in a group
      -Cruise Missile (2X, 16h reload)

      How will this improve the game:
      -Improvement to BM sub, encouraging players to upgrade it beyond level 1
      -Adds more depth to naval warfare. The evolution of the BM sub into a fire support unit as well as a missile platform will make naval combat more varied and interesting
      > Cruisers will no longer be the only weapon considered for anti-ship. The BM sub strategy will be an expensive but effective alternative for active players
      > Indirect buff to Aircraft Carrier. The CV’s high point defense against missiles, as well as its ability to carry ASW Heli, will make it a valuable asset in future navies
      > The high maximum attainable HP of 30 will make Frigates only partially effective. They will no longer be a simple go-to solution and it will force players to get more creative, like with the CV potential mentioned above. At the same time, frigates will find new purpose as a deterrent for enemy ASW aircraft hunting friendly BM subs
      > While very powerful, the BM sub fire support strategy will be very expensive, requiring research of high level subs and missiles, not to mention the countless warheads required. As a result, conventional reliance on Cruisers will not become obsolete

      I had originally considered this thread as the introduction of a new unit (Guided Missile Submarine/ SSGN) but since its role would be too specific, and some IRL BM subs also function as SSGNs (Ohio Class), I decided to give it to BM sub instead. This way, I could buff the CM launcher too. I also considered allowing BM and ICBM to stack too, but you probably know why I reconsidered that.

      Let me know what you think of this idea, or if the concept of stacked missiles should stay tucked away
      Yee Haw
    • I do agree that there should be a way to counter ships with something other than ships. Missiles could be the counter but it is a very delicate matter in terms of balancing. Not sure if players will start getting carriers or just spam more frigates tho.
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