Testing Map Suggestion

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    • Testing Map Suggestion

      Hello guys,

      It can be frustrating to arrive D-50 and have your game almost ruined because of game mechanics you didn't knew.

      For example, it's not marked anywhere that special forces are 'not' invisible when embarking or disembarking on the coast. I send few(10) guys level maxed for intelligence purpose, they got spotted because of this 'mechanic' and got smashed.
      I lost the equivalent of:
      >16.000 components
      >15.000 manpower
      >8.000 electronics

      Another example can be the cruise missiles vs frigates mechanics, it's confusing...

      Thus, to avoid bad surprises when you passed dozens of days in a game I suggest to create a "Test Map", to be able to test all mechanics we want.

      The "Test Map" parameters:

      >World, EU, or a new simple map with all trees (US, EU, RUS)
      >Be able to take the control of each country/unit - to see through the ennemy eyes
      >On/Off seeing all units on map (ally&ennemy) - omniscient sight
      >Speed time - x4
      >Construction time - instant
      >Production time - instant
      >Research time - instant
      >All research trees unlocked D-1
      >Starting resources stock - big (1mil/each?)

      I hope I forget nothing.
      Thank you :)