Stear Clear of Joining Forces with a Level 110 vulture with 50 coalition wins

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    • Stear Clear of Joining Forces with a Level 110 vulture with 50 coalition wins

      I have run into some fools before and somehow this guy has 50 Coalition wins so you think sure he knows his business. You know the type of coalition partner who steals everyone's territory. Was Apocalypse x4 so he went nuke crazy day 10 but only actually defeated 1 country (N. Korea on his own). After that comes into partners territories and eats massive VPs with no help what so ever.

      We (Well I ) were dominating game. And he kept cutting me off .... so to send message I cut him off on 1 city and he makes a public post crying. Big Mistake....HUUUUGE!!! So despite coalition victory in the bag I leave day 34. Ready to battle 4 man coalition solo but he had pissed off whole coalition got the #2 team to join me and 3 days later we won a 2 man coalition and whooped him like 45k dead to 7K by day 37 and expediated 2 man coalition win. other 2 guys told them remain neutral or join. #3 guy did remain neutral and waited was about to join when game ended.

      Did find handy trick to beat stacked Theatre Def. He shot down first few attempts (I am not a BM; ICBM or Nuke guy). This "Big Dog" was running scared hiding at home so double tapped him with 1 conv ballistic as a throw away followed by 1 Nuke BM 1 min behind ( Actually thought too close by mistake) he had TD that could shoot down 24 hp missile. I had two 16 hp BMs and they ate conv but nuke got in unscathed at 16 hp. I guess same concept of beating AA on Navy or Inf stack but way less margin for error and if mess up a high cost of wasted missiles.

      Another first think I just became a fan of Naval Patrol as first game played. But cheap to build / research and pretty versatile. Maxed out has like a 3500 mile range; can launch 2 cruise missiles; 300 mile naval radar and packs a decent punch against Navy.

      Second First is Airborne. 1 unit he may have been my VP MVP as assume cleaning up bad territory but have to micro manage; wouldnt use on offense but on clean up out of 1800 VP this 1 unit probably "earned" 400 VP.

      First time playing New Zealand. Good in long run but slow going first 10 days as everything far away. Also end up with Morale issues as most lands really far from HQ. I've won with Australia before but NZ a whole new ball game as no margin for error as 5 cities all together.

      P.S. Still kicked ass with strike fighters when he tried to jump me in Africa. Main units (Strike Fighters; NG (research better than Inf to hold cities); Too many Inf as they suck; Frigs; Naval Patrol).
      "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him "

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