Why Not An Option to Pay Gold For Gold-Free Games?

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    • KFGauss wrote:

      GrandInquisitor wrote:

      Lol just put 1 game from time to time on a small map where players pay a certain fee to join and it'll do no harm.
      Make the cost substantially less than the cost of going to see a movie, and advertise it that way? Folks pay for 90 to 120 minute movies.
      It's depends Kg. :P
      RankCountryAverage Film Ticket Price (USD)
      9United Arab Emirates$11.27
      11United Kingdom$10.90
      16New Zealand$9.91
      26Hong Kong$8.41
      27United States$8.13
      Have fun, nothing personal.
    • depends again, you have to specify the fee. coz world economy system is not balanced. 1 United States Dollar equals 22,650.00 Vietnamese dong (approx).One movie ticket is approx 50,000 dong. or you can say 2.2$. Now this game or whatever MMO you are talking about can be played from anywhere. So I guess It's not easy for the dev to balance the price if they want to run the game open to all. It's tough enough to do such things. I am more than sure they have more better brain to do the equation than me.
      Have fun, nothing personal.
    • booombooom wrote:

      KFGauss wrote:

      GrandInquisitor wrote:

      Lol just put 1 game from time to time on a small map where players pay a certain fee to join and it'll do no harm.
      Make the cost substantially less than the cost of going to see a movie, and advertise it that way? Folks pay for 90 to 120 minute movies.
      It's depends Kg. :P . . .
      Sure - And, "Yes", I am a myopic US American.

      I was thinking of an entry fee of around one US dollar might work here in the USA.

      What to do in the rest of the world is a problem I'll let Dorado/Bytro solve :whistling:
    • It seems like everyone is approaching this topic with the assumption that Dorado makes their profit from "gold"... When it seems much more likely that they have a typical data gathering business model.... Where it doesn't matter that the product is "free" because the revenue is generated by collecting and selling the data from the site traffic.
      The thinking probably goes something like "If there's an entry-fee game direct profits go up, but site traffic is reduced...which reduces the more significant indirect revenue from data-gathering"

      We've been looking at this like the product is the game... that CoN is something that we pay for and the company makes money.... When in reality, we are more like the "commodity" that's traded to advertisers or whoever generating revenue.
    • Gold is not even that big of an advantage. Everything costs so much. I've only used gold on my first match ever not realizing how expensive and pointless it was. There's already a lack of active players on 4x games, having a buy in option and you will never fill the map. I'm seeing too many overly complicated ideas. We all want more activity, I've always hoped for 10x maps or even 8x. You'll see much more activity. As an experienced player I find 4x maps a drag, imagine you're playing 1x map as your first game. My lord, I don't know how people can play 1x maps. 1x maps there is no real time strategy, no reacting, no micromanaging battles. Just make well rounded stacks, send them in and go to work, go to gym, go to your classes, do your exams, sleep and come back and you still haven't taken a single country yet
    • What I don't get is why it isn't an option. I mean if they fixed the game search main page, it could be a selectable category : gold free game (cost 50,000 gold) or gold ok game (free), I mean It could be both as a choice.
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    • Teburu wrote:

      "Gold is not even that big of an advantage" i know, mount everest also is not that big of a hill and america is a pretty insiginificant country with barely any influence at all
      That's a pretty loaded comparison. If you're comparing mountain sizes and significance of countries to gold use then Mount Everest would be millions of dollars of gold and USA would be hundreds of millions of dollars which nobody spends on the game. We're talking about a small slope, occasionally a meter high hill here. Yes I've seen people get icbm on day 6, I've seen people with lvl 5 of all buildings in every homeland city in day 1, I've seen maxed out officers on day 1 all of which are massive advantages but why would developers risk unpopulating those maps and restricting a source of their revenue?
      Most gold users spend $20-$100. A couple of good players can easily take them out if they work together, without gold. Gold users are usually bad players anyways. Good players don't need gold to win. They are a good challenge for less experienced players and I enjoy going against gold users because that's where the fun is. Going after AIs, inactives and new players is no fun.
    • I would think the golders already lose a great many of their victims. Who do they lose? They lose the guys who would rather not play against golders. This is the same group who would pay to play gold-free games. Those who like to take out the golders will always be around to entertain them.

      People complain about empty maps. I think the golders are a significant CAUSE of empty maps...and they really don't care if it's mostly empty. They just want to win the game. I'm very rarely the victim of a golder. Why? I let the AI take over for me. :D

      There is more than one paying market for this game. 1) There are those who like to use gold, along with their non-paying counterparts who like to take out gold users. 2) There are those who like to play the game in all its beauty, without having strategy revolve around taking out golders.

      The company would make much more money from me if they had a pay to play gold-free option. How many are there like me? How hard would it be for them to find out?

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    • Blitzkrieger64 wrote:

      One dollar is not enough. We're talking about gold-free games here. We're talking about playing a fantastic game without the one major thing that mars the beauty of it.
      So you're saying people with security council membership should have access to gold-free games once in a while? I think thats already been suggested... or maybe I forgot.
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